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Tempesta Appreciation Thread


Recommended Posts

Let`s appreciate the Tempesta like it deserves so.

This car made me forget and sell the Reaper.



"At some point, asking "So how fast it is?" is like asking the guy who just put his fist through your ribs "So how strong are you?"
It's not about the speed anymore. It's not about the style, either, because one touch of the gas and it's little more than a blur.
You just know that deep down there's an itch only this car can scratch, and you lack any of the personal qualities you'll need to resist."


Based mainly on a Lamborghini Huracan with some elements from 2010 Lotus Esprit/Elan Concepts, Lamborghini Centenario and a few other supercars. 



Highlights (Pros):


Performance is on par/better than Reaper. (From my experience)

Handling is also similar to Reaper`s except it has a bit more lighter steering feel. All wheel drive is also great, makes the car stable.

The Sound! The Glorious sound!

Front, Side and Interior design



Can`t color stock rims in LSC, It depends on the color you order the car with. (Edit: This seems to work with iFruit app method)

Rear part is ehhh... kinda looks like a tuned Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Sometimes hard to control over bumps.




Don`t forget to share pictures of your awesome Tempestas!

Edited by APB
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^ To be fair, this car already looks better than the Reaper. :p



If anybody wanted to know what the headlights looked like, here they are. Sorry about the Creator screenshots, I don't like to buy cars without doing a test drive:



Side profile:



Edited by Sir Michael
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Shame about by the front lights, the reaper front looks better to me. How much is this? I'll look to buy this later, it's down the pecking order for now


It costs $1,329,000. Tbh, it's cheaper than I expected.

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Yet another 'I want to own the appreciation topic but don't even own the car' thread.....

Yet another " I want to sh*t-post and assume this guy doesn`t have the car, without knowing if he has it or not."


I wouldn`t have created this topic if I didn`t own it.


I had the car, I saw no one else had posted one, so I created one.

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Upgraded the transmission and that was enough for it to feel good enough.

Pics of my new baby, gonna get huracan spyder blue on it soon as possible:



Edited by Scaglietti
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How does this perform?

Give it a fully upgraded transmission and stage 1 engine upgrade and it's just like Huracan imo. I really think they nailed it.

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Front seems to be taken for the Lotus Esprit concept with a few hints from the Huracán LP 580-2. Overall looks like a nice car to be honest, considering getting it.

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How's the performance? I've done a couple of tests with both vehicles as stock, and it seems be the same as the T20 in terms of speed, not sure about performance though. Anyone know what it's like fully tuned?

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i completely made it look modern and such, but im kinda doubting that descision now, since it is quite small and such...and i just went all limited edition lamborghini on it.

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