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New Lost MC peds

B Dawg

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You have been visited by the almighty WMYCR. Share this with 10 other friends or he'll cut you up and sell your organs.



Scroll down to new 2020 post


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Topic rework
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I know this topic is old, but seeing that you're also interested in texturing some AoD members with The Lost's, and the fact that you replaced an AoD patch with The Lost's, what do you think of making the whole M_Y_GAngels_03 (which is coincidentally my favorite too, along with M_Y_GAngels_04) into a Lost textured? (if it's possible)

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Time for a revive. Last night I figured I could bring the best biker in the series to IV simply by retexturing one of the Angel Of Death peds (M_Y_GAngels_02). After a couple of hours, I've finally done it, using a mix of Custom & The Hardcore Lost MC textures, and also has a beard taken from M_Y_GAngels_03 modified to suit him. I might also do a voice pack for him at one point.



Another bonus ped that was done several days earlier is a retexture of the Multiplayer ped:





Best used alongside The Hardcore Lost MC mod.

Edited by B Dawg
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- The patch on the vest is slightly vertically shrunk so it doesn't look stretched out when riding motorcycles;

- Some of the vest details (text) were updated to be clearer and actually readable;

- Included improved Multiplayer walkstyle (put in pc>anim>anim.img)

Edited by B Dawg
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