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B Dawg

AoD to Lost MC Ped Retexture

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B Dawg

If you're like me, at one point you must have thought ''Damn, the Angels Of Death look badass. I wish The Lost MC looked more like them.''

Then I finally decided to it.


I took my favorite Angels Of Death Model (m_y_gangels_03), edited out his tattoos so that he doesn't look like he belongs to the AoD (which was easy because of him having three different tattoo variations), and took the vest texture from lostbuddy_03 (which he himself is a retextured AoD model by R*) and gave it to him which fit perfectly.


The model does not have any clothes/texture variations (taken out from the model), so it would be recommended to replace one of the Gang War buddies (lostbuddy_01 to 13) with him (that too don't have any variations of their own)


Download link








I might do more of these (if they turn out to be easy to do), and maybe even do reverse retextures (Lost to AoD, but I'll probably have to get photoshop).

Edited by B Dawg

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B Dawg

This next one isn't exactly an AoD to Lost MC transition, as the Lost MC version already existed (created by R*). The thing is, it was using lower-res/quality textures (256x256), despite having higher-res assets (512x512) already available inside m_y_gbik02_lo_02 which is a base IV AoD ped (except for the vest torso). The Episodes weren't 100% well done PC ports texture wise, which can be seen by the texture inequality between different peds.


The higher-res head and pants texture were taken from aformentioned IV AoD ped and applied to the Lost MC version without modification.

Since a higher-res Lost MC vest torso was unavailable, I retextured the AoD vest torso by removing the AoD patch and applying a Lost MC patch from a generic Lost MC ped.

The only downside to this is that the ped loses it's old unique blue vest, and gains a retextured higher-res generic light grey one instead.


Download link





Edited by B Dawg

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