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What is the fastest car in the game?


Recommended Posts

811 got highest top speed right now, at 132 mph.

Followed by Banshee 900R (131) and X80 (127)

4th plase goes to sport-classic Z-Type, with it's 126 mph.

FMJ/Addder close top5 with speed of 125 mph.

Edited by Darekl92
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That I know of, it's the Schafter V12, I've hit 155mph in the highest speed challenge using that

I may be wrong but I belive most supercars top out at around 130-137mph

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Cop Car.

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Around a track: Annis RE-7B
Straight Line (top speed): Pfister 811

I suggest checking out Broughy1322 on youtube, you'll find all the informations you need from him.

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811 is the fasted. Really nice car. Far cheaper than T20 too.

Cheaper price, worse handling. 811 handles like shti.

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Pushed a Comet to 180+ before they patched the suspension dropping thing. But yeah, people have already said but i agree with checking out Broughy, he's got all the data you'd need for anything race related on GTA.

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If you're asking about this for racing purposes, consider that most tracks (except for a few very boring ones) are not straight lines, so acceleration and handling are far more important things to consider (in my opinion).

Edited by -LN-
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