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Rockstar Advertising Council site


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So this site has an audio player that runs on an old version of Flash: http://www.rockstargames.com/advertisingcouncil/


People have figured out how to access some of the sound files directly, for instance: http://media.rockstargames.com/advertisingcouncil/en_us/audio/04%20GTA3-Liberty_City_Community_College.m4a


The problem is that it is no longer possible to stream the sound files and I would really like to have them. If someone can figure out how to listen or download all the ads again I will give them a reward (a Steam game of your choice or something, but in a few days).

Edited by ΣΓ
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There is a Flash Media Server at this url. Looks like it's meant to respond to a call to remote procedure "mediaplayer.getAudioInfo" with ID of the audio sample provided as argument. Structure it returns might contain URL to the audio sample. Although, this could also be set up in a way that won't actually expose URLs, but rather streams audio directly.


Unfortunately, my Flash skills are rudimentary, and I don't happen to have a compiler sitting handy. I tried to poke around the gateway directly, but it looks like any tool to actually extract the info you're looking for will have to be written in Flash. Mind, that's even if it allows access from arbitrary domain in the first place. (Although, I have had no trouble getting basic "service is running" response from it.)


Here are snippets of relevant ActionScript in case someone wants to take this further.



this.gw = new NetConnection();this.gw.connect("http://www.rockstargames.com/amfphp/gateway.php");..._loc1_ = new Responder(this.parseAudioInfo,this.onStatus);this.gw.call("mediaplayer.getAudioInfo",_loc1_,Memory.params.id);
Memory.params.id contains the ID of the audio sample you can find on the Advertising Council page. Might be as simple as dropping this into a bit of Flash code to get all the info you need.


And if anyone wants to poke around with a decompiler a bit more, this is a direct link to SWF of the player. It can be downloaded and decompiled to poke around the ActionScript that runs the thing. Most of the fun stuff is under scripts/com/rockstargames/mediaplayer and the audio info is retrieved in the data/ContentManager script from the above.

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But wait. Can you listen to the files on the site directly? I'm not necessarily looking to download the files. If I could listen to them I would be able to record them.


You're probably right about the URLs. The person who guessed the GTA 3 ones did just that: guess work. He couldn't find the links anywhere AFAIK. BTW, the site seems to suggest that the flash ("video player") is 404 not found.




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I haven't been able to talk to the gateway, which is the thing that will provide audio info. That can either be info you need to stream directly from the gateway or URLs like the one that you provided. I just don't know which until I actually get a response to the query.


It looks like gateway is healthy, though. I just don't know the protocol, so I wasn't able to talk to it directly. But somebody who's handy with Flash should be able to write a small app that connects to gateway and talks to it using native protocol. This literally should be a fifteen minute job for someone who knows Flash. I can try over the weekend, if nobody else steps up, but for me it'd be a few hours of work, simply because I have no idea what I'm doing. I'd have to find a Flash compiler I can use, go through the docs, etc. Still, so long as gateway doesn't check the connection origin or if I can spoof it easy enough, this should be doable.


In terms of security, it looks like a case of security by obscurity all the way down. I found at least one place that lists a domains allowed access to a resource terminated with "*", which basically white-lists absolutely everyone. So odds are good that this will just work without any spoofing. Just connect to gateway, ask for audio info, and parse data to see if it's useful to get the actual sound.

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Well, spaceenstein somehow managed to figure out the rest of the links (over 95% at least) and the reward goes to him (if he wants it).


Thanks for your input though.

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  • 3 years later...

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