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Most Annoying Character?

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Everybody is whining about Maria while I really hated 8-Ball and Luigi. Seriously, why didn't our MC just put a bullet in their brains like in case of Maria after killing Salvatore?


Also, another dick from the payphone missions in that weird dog factory. I was so glad his rival killed him at the end. Nonetheless, I killed that dude as well. :p


Almost everyone from Portland were annoying except a select few like Tony.

No... Marty Chonks was the best :D


Maria was annoying, especially at the end of The Exchange, but at least she was sweet and polite around Claude so I'll give her a pass. I always thought Kenji was an ingrate because there is this opening cutscene to this one mission (the name I forget) where he berates you for not performing up to his standards on the previous mission... Relieved that Donald Love gives you the task of killing Kenji because his hostility rather annoyed me.

Edited by Skarekrow

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It start with a 'M': Maria.

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Gerald Ford


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On 12/14/2016 at 12:29 PM, universetwisters said:

Claude. He's a mute asshole and a snake without a tongue.



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Kenji as well, no doubt. Hated working for him especially when he started needlessly berating you.

Edited by LCLegend

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On 12/13/2016 at 11:11 AM, Dr. John said:

8-ball was a snitch. He sold himself out to Salvatore just for money and attempted to kill his prison buddy.

Well, first: when you set a bomb in 8-ball's shop, he never asks you who are you going to kill. So why would he do that this time? And even if he knew, well, 8-ball and Claude were never friends per se, they were together in custody for, like, couple of hours? And then participated in a single mission together. And I assume he was already working for Salvatore (though I'm not sure about that one).


Anyway, my answer is Maria. Catalina is more of a straight-up antagonist here (she's more annoying in SA), but Maria is just a dumbass.


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Evil empire

Maria Latore, hands down.

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Maria as in mama mia

Kenji to an extent but I loved the mission where you Jack a yardie lobo pick up kanbu and you shoot up the cartel meeting dont know why he blames me though it was his idea 

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