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[PS4] La Famiglia Scordato is now recruiting!


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Quali sono i dimenticati?

Scordato in Italian means forgotten or left behind. Being forgotten symbolizes the history of our family. Don Scordato IV, also known as La Sambuco, gave up the criminal opportunities that were laid before his family. He sought a much more peaceful agenda for his bloodline, and thus turned to heavy Catholicism to fuel this. This peaceful approach caused all of the partnerships his father obtained in the thirties to simply drain out and forget him and his family. After his poisoning, Arturo took immediate command of the family and painfully mourned the death of his father. Using his father’s death as fuel, Arturo brought the heads of the family together at the same courtyard in which he murdered his father and sealed all loose ties that his father had left. Arturo spoke of a renewed family – with renewed goals. It was now Arturo’s time to bring the forgotten vessel that he claims as family to the peak of the criminal underworld.


OOC: About Us

Our family is comprised of a combination of individuals that have been involved in the mafia since the community came about on GTA IV years ago. We have been focusing on a lot of issues we see with current families and as such we thrive to serve as a model that they can follow. If you are interested in joining, do bare in mind that our recruitment process is very particular and in-depth. We are strong believers in quality over quantity. Chaotic crews with hundreds of members are good, but most of them have no proper management team organizing them. Our core mission is to obtain the quality roleplayers still interested in Mafia Roleplay and bring them under one united banner. We do understand that there will be opposition from the other families that have sprouted out, and as such we have made contingency plans to battle those oppositions.

Hello, and welcome to La Famiglia Scordata. We are a new mafia themed PS4 crew operating within the world of GTA: Online. Although our primary presence is within the city of Los Santos, we have operations and business interests throughout the San Andreas region.

You’re here because you’re looking for something new. Perhaps you have tired of the redundancy of completing free roam quests on your own. Perhaps you seek more organization and teamwork between your crew members. Maybe you’ve been searching for an organized role play crew but have been disappointed with the results. Maybe you just wish to spill some blood. Regardless of why you’re here, if you are a player who is competent in obeying crew rules, following instructions, and being part of a team effort, you stand to not only make some significant money but also to find a new home among a welcoming family.

We pride ourselves on our long history and strong family background. In our crew, you will find the welcoming arms of a brotherhood which will embrace you and have your back, no matter what. We only ask of your loyalty and that you follow the rules and respect your fellow crew members.

We are a mafia role play crew and therefore engage in story based role play events. These events are not scripted but are open ended, creative and fun for all those involved. While in a role play session we do ask that you act within the bounds of your character, but who you are is up to you.

In addition to our role play, we also engage in money making opportunities throughout the San Andreas area. Our primary interest, aside from maintaining a strong family environment and atmosphere, is to make money for our crew and our crew members. If you’re looking for heist or mission partners, associates to run CEO and MC businesses with, or any other money making opportunities you’ll find them here.

The rules for La Famiglia Scordato are as follows, and at the bottom of this post you will find a link to our Rockstar Social Club crew page.


  1. To kill one another is the same as killing your own blood. As such, it is strictly forbidden and punishable by death.

  2. Money may rule the world, but it does not rule your soul. Greed has been the downfall of man, and if you let it get in the way of your brothers or sisters, it shall be your downfall as well.

  3. Act older than your age.

  4. Respect is earned before it can be given – do NOT come in with a superiority complex.

  5. God granted us mouths – he also granted us the intelligence to use it wisely.

  6. While your family consists of murderous criminals, they are still your family – assist them in any way you can.

  7. The Don is the patriarch of the family and should be respected as such.

  8. Retain a certain sense of humility.

Ranks We like to keep the ranks simplified but significant.

Don: The Don serves as the patriarch of the family. He is the leader of the family and has the last approval of any hits, promotions, etc.

The Council of the Burning Saints: This is a council that consists of all members of management. The council serves as the governing body of the family, voting in various decisions that affect everyday family activities. The council was put into place by Arturo to keep the power of the Don in check, and vice versa. The council, if all votes are unanimous, can overturn any of the Don’s decisions unless it is a hit declaration or a promotion.

Underboss: The Underboss serves as the head of the family when the Don is absent. His word is just as divine as that of the Don.

Consigliere: The Consigliere serves as the Don’s right hand man, primarily focusing on advising the Don on family politics. The Consigliere is one of the only men in the family that can argue with the Don and get away with it.

Capo: The capo serves as the Don’s enforcers and lieutenants. A capo is a made man in the family that has gone up and beyond the call of his duty, doing a great service for the Don at one point of time. A capo can only be appointed as such by a unanimous vote among the Council of the Burning Saints, and must be recommended by another capo.

Made Man: A made man is an individual who has been initiated into the family via the Oath of Omerta. This sacred ceremony is considered to be a very prestigious honor as the made man is taking part in the blood oath symbolizing the conjoining of his blood into the family. A made man must be recommended by a capo or a member of upper management.

Family Associate: Family associates are your standard Joe in a family. These are the guys who go and commits all of the low-key dirty work of the family. They are responsible for going with their assigned capo on various tasks, such as collecting protection money or beating up some guy who looked at your capo’s woman the wrong way.

If you are interested in joining our family, please visit our Social Club page linked below and request an invite. Someone will send you details for a meeting with management soon after so that we can interview you and gain a sense of who you are as a character.


Thank you for your time, and we hope to see you online!

Edited by theshadowfax
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Los Santos Viper

I'm glad you enjoy the backstory. We thoroughly enjoy developing our story out.

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