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What is your favourite neighborhood in the game?


Recommended Posts


Mine are

Hove Beach


Beechwood City

South Bohan

Middle Park East




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South Bohan, Hove Beach, Leftwood and Berchem. Charge Island makes an amazing race track too, it's fun to hotlap there on an empty LAN server with no traffic.

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Hove Beach next to the docks.

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Official General

1. Firefly Projects, Broker.

2. Schottler, Broker.

3. Hove Beach, Broker.

4. North and East Holland, Algonquin.

5. Steinway and Cerveza Heights, Dukes.

6. Acter, Alderney.

7. South Bohan, Algonquin.

8. Westdyke, Alderney.

Edited by Official General
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Hove Beach next to the docks.

I would stay in Broker, f*ck it Stay in Hove Beach!! Everyone like us does. The place is like a big uder-milken ice-cream shop, 36 flavours of titties!!!!

Edited by Niko'sCousin11
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Lemoyne outlaw

hove beach, beachgate, steinway, south bohan, star junction, chinatown, little italy, castle gardens, happiness island, alderny city, westdyke, port tudor, and last but not least francis international airport i know its not really a neigborhood but its still an area.

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slimeball supreme

-Firefly Projects


-Beechwood City

-South Slopes

-North Holland

-East Holland

-South Bohan


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  • Berchem, Leftwood and the City in Alderney.


Purgatory, Middle Park, Colony Island and North Holland in Algonquin.


Fortside and Northern Gardens in Bohan.


Hove Beach, Outlook and South Slopes in Broker.


And finally Steinway, Meadows Hills and Park and Willis in Dukes.


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Leftwood and Westdyke in Northern Alderney. The hospital, beaches and the old casino over there are one of my favorite playgrounds to mess around with the police.

Edited by Seventh Star
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Middle Park. I just like the peaceful location and listening to peds talking and people watching.

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Official General

Acter for me.


Acter is just as dangerous as the Firefly Projects, I don't know which is more gangsta of the two !

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Chase Point because of all the hookers to snipe.

So, I guess it's true when they say "snipers get more head". :D

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South Bohan, Chase Point and part of Fortside have that brilliant 80s South Bronx atmosphere.. It was love at first sight. Those murals, graffiti, wrecked buildings, prostitutes, overground subway trains with graffiti... By the way, I think Manny himself and his missions PERFECTLY fit this atmosphere.




Some screenshots I've made in South Bohan/Chase Point/Fortside many years ago:












Also I love Tudor and Acter Industrial Park, those neighborhoods are absolutely amazing. Mostly because of flaming oil refinery towers and the skyway above your head.



Edited by Sonny3787
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