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GTA 3 Mission List

The Rockstar Gamer 108

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The Rockstar Gamer 108



1) Introduction: Cutscenes depicting Catalina's betrayal of Claude, and the explosion which leaves Portland isolated from the rest of the city and Claude's escape with 8-Ball.




2) Give Me Liberty: Go to the hideout, before going to Luigi's club with 8-Ball.


Luigi Goterelli


3) Luigi's Girls: Drive to the hospital and bring Misty to Luigi's club.

4) Don't Spank Ma Bitch Up: Kill a drug dealer and steal, respray and deliver his car to Luigi.

5) Drive Misty For Me: Pick up Misty from Hepburn Heights and drive her to Joey's garage.

6) Pump-Action Pimp: Kill two pimps.

The Fuzz Ball: Bring as many prostitutes as possible to the Old School Hall.


Joey Leone


7) Mike Lips Last Lunch: Steal and arm Mike Forelli's car with a bomb and blow him up.

8) Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong: Kill Lee Chong.

9) Van Heist: Damage and steal a Securicar and 10) bring it to a garage in Portland Harbor.

10) Cipriani's Chauffeur: Drive Toni Cipriani to the Laundry and to his home.

11)Dead Skunk in the Trunk: Bring a car to the car crusher.

12) The Getaway: Pick up and drive three mafia members for a bank robbery and bring them back to their hideout.


Toni Cipriani


13) Taking Out The Laundry: Destroy three laundry vans.

14) The Pick-Up: Pick up a briefcase, waste the Triads and take it to the Cipriani Restaurant.

15) Salvatore's Called A Meeting: Pick up and bring Joey, Luigi and Toni to Salvatore Leone's mansion.


Salvatore Leone


16) Chaperone: Drive Maria to Chico and a party in Atlantic Quays before driving her back to Salvatore's mansion.


Toni Cipriani


17) Triads and Tribulations: Kill three triad warlords.

18) Blow Fish: Drive a Truck to the Triad's fish factory, before blowing up the factory.


Salvatore Leone


19) Cutting The Grass: Follow and kill Curly Bob.

20) Bomb Da Base: Act I: Go to 8-Ball's bomb shop.




22) Bomb Da Base: Act II: Help 8-Ball to blow up the Cartel Ship.


Salvatore Leone


23) Last Requests: Meet Maria and Asuka at Callahan Point, before escaping from Portland with them. Unlock Staunton Island.


Asuka Kasen


24) Sayonara Salvatore: Kill Salvatore Leone.

25) Under Surveillance: Kill the spies located around Staunton Island.

26) Paparazzi Purge: Kill a reporter using a boat.

27) Payday For Ray: Go to four payphones and locate around Staunton Island before bringing Ray's money to him.

28) Two-Faced Tanner: Head to the casino and kill Tanner.


Kenji Kasen


29) Kanbu Bust-out: Destroy a cell wall in the police station, and drive a high ranked Yakuza member to the Yazuka Dojo

30) Grand Theft Auto: Bring three sport cars to a garage.

31) Deal Steal: Pick up a contract and ambush a deal between the Cartel and the Yardies, before stealing and taking the money to the casino.

32) Shima: Collect two briefcases of protection money, and kill the Diablos, before collecting the third briefcase and delivering the briefcases to the casino.

33) Smack Down: Kill as many yardie drug dealers as possible.


Ray Machowski


34) Silence The Sneak: Torch Leon McAffrey's house and kill him.

35) Arms Shortage: Go to Phil Cassidy's base and defend him from the Colombian Cartel.

36) Evidence Dash: Ram a vehicle and pick up six images before torching the car that the pictures are in.

37) Gone Fishing: Kill Ray's partner using a boat.

38)Plaster Blaster: Ram the Ambulance and kill Leon McAffrey again, who is still alive.


Donald Love


39) Liberator: Go to the Cartel Compound before rescuing the Old Oriental Gentleman and bring him back to Donald's building.

40) Waka-Gashira Wipeout: Kill Kenji Kasen in a Colombian car and dump the car.

41) A Drop In The Ocean: Pick up six packages using a boat and bring it back to Donald's building. Unlock Shoreside Vale

42) Grand Theft Aero: Go to the airport, kill the Colombians, get the packages at the construction site, and bring them back to Donald's building.

43) Escort Service: Defend a Securicar.

44)Decoy: Get inside a Securicar and act as a decoy around for three minutes.

45) Love's Disappearance: You can't find Donald Love so you decide to leave the Love Media building.


Ray Machowski


46) Marked Man: Take Ray to the airport and then go to his lock-up.


Asuka Kasen


47) Bait: Lead three Colombian death squads into a trap.

48) Espresso-2-Go!: Destroy nine espresso stands.

49) S.A.M.: Blow up a Dodo with a rocket launcher and bring the SPANK packages to Asuka.




50) Ransom: Asuka and Miguel are killed, Maria is kidnapped by Catalina, and you find a letter left by her.

51) The Exchange: Rescue Maria and kill Catalina.

Edited by DIze
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