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GTA SA Mission List

The Rockstar Gamer 108

Recommended Posts

The Rockstar Gamer 108

Carl Johnson


1) In the Beginning - The opening cutscene, and then make your way back to Grove Street to receive the first mission.

2) Big Smoke - Meet Big Smoke inside the Johnson House.

3) Sweet & Kendl - Escape from the Ballas riding a BMX and explore parts of the city of Los Santos.




4) Ryder - Introduction to the barbers, the restaurants, and driving cars.


Sweet Johnson


5) Tagging Up Turf - Spray over some Ballas tags.

6) Cleaning the Hood - Take out drug dealers on your territory and destroy a Ballas crack den.

7) Drive-Thru - Visit Cluckin' Bell and stop the Ballas from getting to Grove Street.

8) Nines and AK's - Visit Emmet for some target practice and buy clothes at Binco shop.

9) Drive-By - Perform drive-by shootings on Ballas.

10) Sweet's Girl - Save Sweet and his girl from an onslaught of Seville Boulevard Families gang members.

11) Cesar Vialpando - Follow Kendl and win the Lowrider Challenge.


Big Smoke


12) OG Loc - Pick up OG Loc from jail, chase and kill Freddy, and take OG Loc to the Burger Shot.

13) Running Dog - Chase down a Los Santos Vagos gang member.

14) Wrong Side of the Tracks - Disrupt a gang meeting and follow a train.

15) Just Business - Help Big Smoke against the Russian Mafia.




16) Home Invasion - Rob a veteran for weapons.

17) Catalyst - Steal weapons off a train.

18) Robbing Uncle Sam - Raid a National Guard base.


Cesar Vialpando


19) High Stakes, Low Rider - Race Cesar Vialpando and other racers in the Lowrider Race.


OG Loc


20) Life's a Beach - Steal a sound system for OG Loc.

21) Madd Dogg's Rhymes - Steal Madd Dogg's rhyme book.

22) Management Issues - Kidnap and kill Alan Crawford and his girlfriend.

23) House Party - Visit OG Loc's party and protect Grove Street from an attack by the Ballas.




24) Burning Desire - Burn down a gang house and save a girl.

25) Gray Imports - Kill a Russian weapons dealer.


Sweet Johnson


26) Doberman - Take over Glen Park and kill Little Weasel.

27) Los Sepulcros - Kill the Ballas gang leader Kane.

28) Reuniting the Families - Take Sweet to reunite the Grove Street Families, escape the police force.

29) The Green Sabre - Witness Smoke and Ryder's betrayal, then rush to rescue your brother.




30) Badlands - Take out an ex-policeman for Tenpenny.




31) Tanker Commander - Hijack a petrol truck in Dillimore.


The Truth


32) Body Harvest - Steal a Combine Harvester for The Truth.


Cesar Vialpando


33) King in Exile - Meet Cesar and Kendl again.




34) Local Liquor Store - Rob a liquor store in Blueberry.

34) Against All Odds - Rob the Off-Track Betting shop in Montgomery.

35) Small Town Bank - Rob a bank in Palomino Creek.


Cesar Vialpando


36) Wu Zi Mu - Race against Wu Zi Mu.

37) Farewell, My Love... - Race against Catalina and her new boyfriend, Claude.

The Truth


38) Are You Going to San Fierro? - Burn down The Truth's drug plantation and drive to San Fierro.


Carl Johnson


39) Wear Flowers in Your Hair - Pick up some friends of The Truth, who can help with the garage.




40) 555 We Tip - Frame a district attorney that is causing Tenpenny problems by posing as a valet and planting drugs in his car.


Carl Johnson


41) Deconstruction - Get revenge on some construction workers for calling Kendl a hooker by destroying portable buildings and burying the foreman.


Zero (optional, needed for 100% Completion)


42) Air Raid - Defend Zero's transmitters from Berkley's bombers.

43) Supply Lines... - Kill Berkley's delivery boys.

New Model Army - Help Zero in a RC war.


Cesar Vialpando


44) Photo Opportunity - Photograph the meeting between Ryder and the members of the Loco Syndicate.


Jizzy B.


54) Jizzy - Help Jizzy out with his pimp duties.

T-Bone Mendez - Retrieve some stolen cash from bikers.

55) Mike Toreno - Find and rescue Mike Toreno.


Wu Zi Mu


56) Mountain Cloud Boys - Escort Woozie to a Triad meeting, then escape the Da Nang Boys.

57) Ran Fa Li - Steal a car from the airport and take it to a lockup, escaping the Da Nang Boys.

58) Lure - Act as a decoy for Ran Fa Li, and lead the Da Nang Boys on a chase through the countryside.

59) Amphibious Assault - Bug a Da Nang meeting on a boat.

60) The Da Nang Thang - Sneak onto and release some refugees from a boat and kill the Snakehead.


Jizzy B.


61) Outrider - Transport drugs past roadblocks.




62) Snail Trail - Snipe a journalist and his contact.


Carl Johnson


63) Ice Cold Killa - Break into the Pleasure Domes and kill Jizzy B.


Cesar Vialpando


64) Pier 69 - Raid a deal between the Ballas and the Loco Syndicate to kill T-Bone Mendez and Ryder.


Wu Zi Mu


65) Toreno's Last Flight - Shoot down Mike Toreno's helicopter.

66) Yay Ka-Boom-Boom - Blow up a drug factory.


Mike Toreno


67) Monster - Complete a time trial in a Monster Truck.

68) Highjack - Hijack a tanker and drive it back to Doherty with Cesar Vialpando.

69) Interdiction - Escort and protect Toreno's helicopter, then take the contraband dropped by it.

70) Verdant Meadows - Purchase the Verdant Meadows airstrip in Bone County.


71) Learning to Fly- Complete the ten Pilot School courses.


Mike Toreno


72) N.O.E. - Fly under the radar to Angel Pine and back.

73) Stowaway - Destroy a government plane.


The Truth


74) Black Project - Enter Area 69, and steal the Black Project.

75) Green Goo - Steal the Green Goo from a train.




76) Fender Ketchup - Scare Johnny Sindacco by driving around with him on the car's windscreen.

77) Explosive Situation - Steal dynamite from the Hunter Quarry.

78) You've Had Your Chips - Destroy the Sindacco's fake casino chip-making machines.

79) Don Peyote - Rescue Maccer and Kent Paul from the desert and bring them to Caligula's Palace, escaping the snake farmers.


Robbery (optional, needed for 100% completion)


80) Architectural Espionage - Steal the blueprint for Caligula's Casino.

81) Key to Her Heart - Gain the affections of Millie Perkins to gain a keycard for the casino.

82) Dam and Blast - Plant explosive charges on the Sherman Dam so you can disable the power during the upcoming heist.

83) Cop Wheels - Steal four HPV 1000 police bikes.

84) Up, Up and Away! - Steal an armored truck using a Leviathan obtained from the K.A.C.C. military depot.




85) Intensive Care - Rescue Johnny Sindacco from the Forelli Family in an ambulance.

86) The Meat Business - Escape from the Sindaccos in the meat factory.




87) Fish in a Barrel - Take co-ownership of the Four Dragons Casino.


Madd Dogg


88) Madd Dogg - Rescue Madd Dogg from a suicide attempt.




89) Freefall - Intercept, board, empty, and land a plane full of Forellis.




90) Misappropriation - Kill some federal agents in Bone County, and steal a dossier.

91) High Noon - Chase and kill Eddie Pulaski.




92) Saint Mark's Bistro - Fly to Liberty City and take out Marco Forelli.


Robbery (optional, needed for 100% completion)


93) Breaking the Bank at Caligula's - Rob Caligula's Casino and escape back to the airstrip.




94) A Home in the Hills - Retake Madd Dogg's Crib and kill Big Poppa.


Mike Toreno


95) Vertical Bird - Steal a Hydra from an aircraft carrier and use it to destroy some spy boats.

96) Home Coming - Pick Sweet up from the police station, take out some drug dealers, and reclaim Ganton from the Ballas.


Madd Dogg


97) Cut Throat Business - Chase OG Loc to reclaim Madd Dogg's music.


Sweet Johnson


98) Beat Down on B Dup - Start a gang war to re-claim Glen Park, confront B Dup.

99) Grove 4 Life - Claim two areas of Idlewood from the Ballas.


Carl Johnson


100) Riot - Drive to Grove Street from the mansion and witness the riot.


Sweet Johnson


101) Los Desperados - Retake Varrios Los Aztecas territory from the Vagos.

102) End of the Line - Take out Big Smoke in his crack palace and chase down Frank Tenpenny to end things once and for all.


Wait a bit

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Yes, that is all the missions for the story line.
BUT, you do not show the Branches and equivalent missions that be completed on a horizontal "ladder".
This implies that the game is Linear in scope, with no variations.
This may mislead newbies into thinking each mission must be completed in your specific order.

There are better depictions such as:

Edited by lil weasel
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