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The Rockstar Gamer 108

GTA CW Mission List

Recommended Posts

The Rockstar Gamer 108



1) Yu Jian - Go to Kenny's Home.


Wu 'Kenny' Lee


2) Pursuit Farce - Take Ling Shan and lose the cops.

3) Under the Gun - Practice the fighting skills with Ling Shan and kill the goons who attacking one of Kenny's restaurants.

4) Payback - Avenge on Ling's death.

5) The Wheelman - Steal 3 cars for Chan Jaoming in 6 hours.

6) Tricks of the Triad - Do a drug deal with Liam and Danny, before storing your drug stash in your safehouse.


Chan Jaoming


7) Pimp His Ride - Sabatoge the race car of Chan's opponent.


Wu 'Kenny' Lee


8) Natural Burn Killer - Burn down 2 stores who won't pay their rent.

9) Recruitment Drive - Recruit new crime victims and recruit them as Triads.


Chan Jaoming


10) Whack the Racers - Help Chan win a race by taking out the other racers.


Zhou Ming


11) Stealing the Show - Sneak onto the back of a delivery truck and toss the merchandise to Zhou.


Chan Jaoming


12) Jackin' Chan - Rescue Chan from the Irish-American Killers.


Zhou Ming


13) Flatliner - Steal an Ambulance containing Zhou's old friend Uri from Francis International Airport and drive it back to Zhou's house.

14) Bomb Disposal - Disarm three of Hsin's vans containing bombs meant to destroy Zhou's drug stash cars, and stop further attempts to do so.


Wu 'Kenny' Lee


15) Carpe Dime - Steal a Spanish Lord's van to check for the Yu Jian.

16) Store Wars - Defend a store from the Spanish Lords.


Zhou Ming


17) Driven to Destruction - Drive Zhou on his Bobcat to African-American drug dealers and let him shoot them with his minigun, until the carnage meter is filled.


Chan Jaoming


18) Raw Deal - Protect Chan from the Spanish Lords during a drug deal.


Wade Heston


19) The Tow Job - Steal a Korean's car, gain police attention and park it outside a Police Station in Bohan.

20) The Tail Bagging the Dogs - Kill the Korean and all his underbosses.


Hsin Jaoming


21) Trail Blazer - Destroy a gambling den by ramming a leaking Tanker into it.


Wu 'Kenny' Lee


22) Copter Carnage - Defend Kenny's merchandise from the Spanish Lords and tail the copter back to their warehouse.

23) Kenny Strikes Back - Steal merchandise from the Spanish Lord's warehouse.


Wade Heston


24) Weapons of Mass Distraction - Distract the Midtown Gansters while Heston plants a bug in their base.

25)Street of Rage - Rescue Heston from the Wonsu Assassins.


Wu 'Kenny' Lee


26) Missed the Boat? - Take a boat out to a drug deal and escape from the coast guards before bringing the drugs back to shore.


Zhou Ming


27) Cash and Burn - Burn all of the Korean's goods at a construction site and kill security forces.

28) Dragon Haul Z - Steal a truck containing a dragon costume and after Zhou robs a bank, do the instructed moves in the dragon costume without arrousing too much suspicion and escape.


Chan Jaoming


29) Sa-boat-age - Race Chan and protect him from the Spanish Lords.


Hsin Jaoming


30) The Offshore Offload - Rescue Hsin's men from the Feds, pick up Hsin's accountant and take them all to Castle Gardens.

31) One Shot, One Kill - Snipe an FIB informant against Chan Jaoming and escape your wanted level.


Chan Jaoming


32) Counterfeit Gangster - Destroy all of Chan's goods before the FIB recovers them.

33) Slaying With Fire - Kill all of Chan's entourage.


Zhou Ming


34) The Fandom Menace - Escort Zhou and two other Triad members while avoiding paparazzis.


Wade Heston


35) Operation Northwood - Chase a drug dealer to his warehouse, then destroy it with your bomb equipped car.

36) Torpedo Run - Destroy Zhou Ming's Zhouboat then take out his escaping gang members.


Zhou Ming


37) So Near, Yet Sonar - Recover sunken goods from his sunken ship using a sonar.


Hsin Jaoming


38) By Myriads of Swords - Kill two of the Midtown Gangster leaders unfaithful to Hsin and collect their IDs.

39) A Shadow Of Doubt - Tail two Koreans to their hideout.


Lester Leroc


40) Double Trouble - Take out some of The Lost gangsters and use the Monoglobe to destroy a building with The Lost members.


Rudy D'Avanzo


41) Grave Situation - Protect D'Avanzo from Jimmy Capra's men.


Lester Leroc


42) Faster Pusher Man! Sell! Sell! - Sell all of the AoD's drugs before the rivals do.


Hsin Jaoming


43) Friend or Foe? - Breach the Koreans' hideout and obtain the FIB files.


Wade Heston


44) Scrambled - Destroy 3 Scramblers.


Rudy D'Avanzo


45) Steal the Wheels - Steal Jimmy Capra's car.


Hsin Jaoming


46) Arms Out of Harm's Way - Kill the Midtown Gangsters' arms dealer.

47) The Wages of Hsin - Destroy the Koreans' hideout with explosives.


Lester Leroc


48) Convoy Conflict - Protect the Angels of Death convoy from The Lost MC members.


Rudy D'Avanzo


49) The World's a Stooge - Take out three man mentioned in the record from Jimmy Capra's car.


Wade Heston


50) Evidence Dash - Destroy evidence in Wade's Admiral.


Rudy D'Avanzo


51) Oversights - Snipe Jimmy Capra and his men.


Hsin Jaoming


52) A Rude Awakening - Chase and kill Rudy D'Avanzo.


Lester Leroc


53) See No Evil - Protect Lester and Meredith from the Angels of Death as he transports her to her house, without frightening her.


Wade Heston


54) Wi-Find - Hack the FIB files to identify the Triad's rat.


Wu 'Kenny' Lee


55) Rat Race - Defend Kenny while he drives to warn Hsin Jaoming of Zhou Ming and Chan Jaoming's betrayal.


Chan Jaoming


56) Clear the Pier - Chase and kill Chan Jaoming.


Zhou Ming


57) Hit from the Tong - Kill Zhou Ming.


Wade Heston


58)Salt in the Wound - Chase and kill Kenny Lee.


Wait a bit. I'm gonna make this a bit better:).

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