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The Rockstar Gamer 108

TBOGT Mission List

Recommended Posts

The Rockstar Gamer 108

Storyline Missions

Gay Tony

1) I Luv LC - Take Tony to Hercules, Maissonete 9, then take your friends home, then go to your apartment.
2) Practice Swing - Play some golf and kill the Union Official's men.
3) Chinese Takeout - Go to the Triad building, and then escape from it.

Adriana Yanira Lopez

4) Momma's Boy - Assist or kill Mr. Santo in making money by attending the L.C. Cage Fighters.
5) Corner Kids - Assist Armando & Henrique in a Drug Deal that is botched.
6) Clocking Off - Assist Armando & Henrique in a Robbery.

Yusuf Amir

7) Sexy Time - Steal the Buzzard and destroy the yacht, killing Frickie Van Hardenburg.
8) High Dive - Kill Tahir Saeed and Ahmed Khalil, and escape the ambush.
9) Caught with your Pants Down - Steal an APC and escape or wipe out the LCPD.

Mori Kibbutz

10) Kibbutz Number One - Kill Mori's rivals.
11) This Ain't Checkers - Race Mori betting Luis's eternal loyalty and all of Tony's debts.
12) No. 3 - Escape the cops with Mori and Brucie Kibbutz after stealing some cars.

Gay Tony

13) Bang Bang - Use the Sticky Bombs to destroy the targets.
14) Blog This!... - Set up a deal for The Celebinator after dropping off Gay Tony and Gracie Ancelotti.
15) Frosting on the Cake - Buy the Diamonds along with Tony only to be ambushed by Ray Boccino who has sent Johnny Klebitz and The Lost MC to steal the Ice, escape with Gay Tony while killing the bikers as well as the Feds and fleeing them before taking Tony home but not while witnessing the death of Evan Moss.
16) Boulevard Baby - Go to Bahama Mamas to dance with Monique, then kill Vic Manzano and leaving the club while killing Vic's guards.
17) ...Blog This! - Teach The Celebinator a lesson.
18) Not So Fast - Steal the diamonds from Isaac Roth, and then escape the museum from the LCPD in the Buzzard that Yusuf Amir gave You.
19) Ladies' Night - Follow Packie McReary to where Gracie Ancelotti's being held captive after discovering Gracie's kidnapping.

Ray Bulgarin

20) Going Deep - Eliminate the NOOSE associating with Marki Ashvilli.
21) Dropping In - Kill Marki Ashvilli.
22) In the Crosshairs - Escape Bulgarin's ambush after discovering his betrayal and his confession about The Diamonds.

Yusuf Amir

23) For the Man Who Has Everything - Steal a subway car.

Gay Tony

24) Ladies Half Price - Deal with the guys who kidnapped Gracie Ancelotti, trade the diamonds for her and escape Bulgarin's ambush.

Rocco Pelosi

25) Party's Over - Meet up with Rocco Pelosi, Kill Uncle Vince, and then kill Bulgarin's men.

Gay Tony

26)Departure Time - Chase and Kill Ray Bulgarin, after destroying the Heroin Shipment and wiping out Timur and the entire Bulgarin Bratva.

Edited by DIze

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The Rockstar Gamer 108

Edited. Any suggestions please?

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Good! But these missions are arranged or not from start to end?

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