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The Rockstar Gamer 108

GTA 5 Storyline Mission List

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The Rockstar Gamer 108

Ludendorff, North Yankton


1) Prologue: In 2004, Michael, Trevor and Brad are robbing a bank in Ludendorff, North Yankton, where police officers arrive. However, during their attempted getaway, when their SUV is eventually destroyed by a train, the trio must escape on foot.

Los Santos

Simeon Yetarian

2) Franklin and Lamar: Franklin and his best friend Lamar must repossess a pair of high end sports cars and return them to Simeon's dealership.
3) Repossession: Franklin and Lamar must repossess a green motorcycle for their boss, Simeon Yetarian, which belongs to a member of the Vagos gang.
4) Complications: Franklin has to break into Michael's house and repossess his son's car without being detected by anyone on the property.

Lamar Davis

5) Chop: Lamar plans to earn some extra cash by getting into the kidnapping business, as he attempts to kidnap a Ballas member named D.
6) The Long Stretch: Lamar and Stretch, who has been released from prison, have set up a deal with D, which turns out to be an ambush by the Ballas, so the trio must escape from the Ballas and the cops.

Michael De Santa

7) Father/Son: Michael and Franklin try to save Jimmy from a bunch of gangsters who have stolen Michael's yacht.
8) Marriage Counseling: Michael and Franklin must chase a tennis coach who had been caught cheating with Michael's wife. Afterwards, Michael tears down a house that the coach was hiding in, which turns out to be the home of notorious gangland boss Martin Madrazo.
9) Daddy's Little Girl: Michael and Jimmy go on a bike ride on Vespucci Beach where they have a race. Afterwards, Jimmy shows Michael a boat in the ocean, where Tracey is "entertaining" some guests at a party. Michael goes and gets her, and as he escapes, two men from the boat attempt to kill the father and daughter.

Lester Crest

10) Friend Request: As a favour for Lester, Michael breaks into the corporate headquarters of Lifeinvader and rigs a prototype of their latest invention (the Lifeinvader Phone) with a bomb, which is later activated at a press conference, killing their founder and CEO, Jay Norris.
Casing the Jewel Store: Scout out and plan for the upcoming Job.

(Loud Aproach)

11) Carbine Rifles : Steal some Carbine Rifles from the police.

(Smart Aproach)

12) Bugstars Equipment : Steal an exterminator van.
13) BZ Gas Grenades : Steal a van containing gas grenades.


14) The Jewel Store Job: Rob a Portola Drive jewelry store.

Blaine County

Trevor Philips

15) Mr. Philips: After seeing a report on the news about the Vangelico armed robbery and recognizing Michael, he goes out and monopolizes Blaine County's methamphetamine business while murdering members of The Lost MC.
16) Nervous Ron: Trevor is furious after some members of The Lost MC ransacked his trailer and broke one of his collectible statues. He wants revenge, but he also wants their arms dealing business, so he sets about killing two birds with one stone and murders The Lost MC with assistance from his best friend Ron.
17) Friends Reunited: Trevor drives to Los Santos to meet Michael with his friend Wade.

Tao Cheng

18) Trevor Philips Industries: Trevor gets a call from Chef, his crystal meth manufacturer, who tells him that the Aztecas are attacking his meth lab because they believe Trevor has kidnapped their leader Ortega.
19) Crystal Maze: After discovering that the Los Santos Triads have instead decided to use the O'Neil Brothers as suppliers, Trevor raids their farmhouse, which doubles as a meth lab, and sets fire to the place.

Los Santos

Trevor Philips

20) Scouting the Port: Scout the Port of Los Santos to prepare to rob Merryweather Security.

(Freighter and Offshore Method)

21) Minisub: Steal a submarine off a freighter.

(Only Offshore Method)

22) Cargobob: Steal the cargobob from Fort Zancudo.

Michael De Santa

23) Fame or Shame: When Michael and Trevor hear that Tracey is trying out for Fame or Shame, they go to the auditions to stop her. During the audition, the duo must chase Lazlow after he performs a sexual pose on Tracey.

Federal Investigation Bureau/Dave Norton

24) Dead Man Walking: Infiltrate the city morgue to confirm the death of an FIB suspect. Then, escape IAA agents from the building.
25) Three's Company: Michael, Franklin and Trevor must retrieve Mr. K from the IAA.

Federal Investigation Bureau/Steve Haines

26) By the Book: Torture Mr. K as Trevor to help Michael and Agent Dave Norton assassinate a suspect.

Michael De Santa

27) Did Somebody Say Yoga?: Michael decides to give Yoga a try with his wife and her instructor to see what it's like.

Lamar Davis

28) Hood Safari: Franklin, Trevor and Lamar fight their way through an ambush at Grove Street after a drug deal with Ballas members goes wrong.

Devin Weston

29) I Fought the Law...: Steal an Entity XF and a Cheetah for Weston.
30) Eye in the Sky: Steal the Z-Type.
31) Deep Inside: Steal the JB 700.

Solomon Richards

32) Mr. Richards: Persuade Rocco Pelosi to obey Solomon's wishes for the movie.

Martin Madrazo

33) Caida Libre: Shoot down Madrazo's cousin's plane to retrieve a package.


34) The Merryweather Heist: Rob Merryweather of a high-tech device, whether in the docks or out at sea.
35) Blitz Play: Steal the agency funds from the armored car.
36) Masks: Buy masks at a Vespucci Beach mask shop.
37) Boiler Suits: Buy boiler suits at Ammu-Nation.
38) Trash Truck: Steal a garbage truck.
39) Tow Truck: Steal a tow truck.


Blaine County

Trevor Philips

40) Minor Turbulence: Steal weapons from a Merryweather cargo plane.
41) Predator: Kill the remaining O'Neil Brothers.
42) Derailed: Michael and Trevor hijack a train to nab whatever gold or loot it contains.

Federal Investigation Bureau/Steve Haines

43) Paleto Score Setup: Scout out the bank and police of Paleto Bay.
44) Military Hardware: Steal the military convoy.
45) Monkey Business: Steal nerve gas from a research facility.


46) The Paleto Score: Rob the bank in Paleto Bay to finance a raid on a research facility.

Los Santos


Trevor Philips

47) Hang Ten: Purchase the Vanilla Unicorn strip club after Trevor murders Floyd and his girlfriend.

Lester Crest

48) Surveying the Score: Scout out the Union Depository Tower.
49) Planning the Big Score: Choose the method and the crew for The Big Score.

(Subtle Approach)

50) Stingers: Steal a Police Transporter from the South Los Santos police station.
51) Gauntlet: Steal and modify 3 Bravado Gauntlets.

(Obvious Approach)

52) Driller: Steal a driller from a warehouse in La Mesa.
53) Sidetracked: Steal a train in Grand Senora Desert.

Michael De Santa

54) Bury the Hatchet: Discover the truth of what happened after the failed North Yankton heist nine years prior.
55) Reuniting the Family: Reunite the family at Dr. Friedlander's.

Devin Weston

56) Pack Man: Complete the list and deliver the cars to Paleto Bay.

Lester Crest

57) Cleaning Out the Bureau: Prepare to break into the FIB.

(Covert Approach)

58) Fire Truck: Steal a Fire Truck.

Franklin Clinton

59) Architect's Plans: Follow architect Chip Peterson in the construction site and steal his briefscase.
60) Fresh Meat: Michael has been kidnapped by Triad members and is being tortured in a meat packing facility. It's up to Franklin to find and rescue him.
61) Lamar Down: Save Lamar from the Ballas.

Federal Investigation Bureau/Dave Norton

62) The Wrap Up: Escape from the Kortz Center after an ambush from rival FIB members, IAA agents, and a platoon from Merryweather Security.

Solomon Richards

63) The Ballad of Rocco: Kill Rocco Pelosi after he and his accomplice attack Solomon Richards.
Legal Trouble: Retrieve the film reel from Weston's assistant.
64) Meltdown: Attend the premiere of Meltdown. However, Devin Weston arrives to reveal to Michael that he sent a platoon of Merryweather Security to murder his family. It's up to Michael to save his family and kill the Merryweather agents.


65) The Bureau Raid: Break into the FIB Building to retrieve incriminating information against Steve Haines as FIB agents raid to attack Franklin, Michael and their accompliance.
66) The Big Score: Rob four tons of gold bullion from the Union Depository Tower. Then, escape from Merryweather Security and the cops.


Federal Investigation Bureau/Steve Haines

67) Something Sensible: Chase and kill Trevor Philips. (Choosing Ending A)

Devin Weston

68) The Time's Come: Chase and kill Michael De Santa. (Choosing Ending B)

Lester Crest

69) The Third Way: Fight off troops of Merryweather and FIB, before hunting down and killing Steve Haines, Stretch, Wei Cheng and Devin Weston. (Choosing Ending C)

Edited by DIze

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The Rockstar Gamer 108

Edited. Any Suggestions?

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Dope list. Going thru the game on PS4 after beating it on PS3 a long time ago.


Only thing, the numerical order of these missions is solely based on player preference. Some are obvious in an ordered scheme but I'm at a point now 62% in where I deff did some missions but was reading this like "wonder when that kicks in?"


But this deserves props. Using this on my next go round for... reference...

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Just a nitpick, but in the Trevor Philips Industries mission, they never thought Trevor kidnapped Ortega. Here is how it goes:


Killed Ortega on Mister Philips - Aztecas go hunting Trevor because they want revenge for their leader's death.


Did not kill Ortega on Mister Philips - Ortega leads a bunch of Aztecas to kill Trevor because of Trevor's threatening.

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