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fun thing to do


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go to the lawyers ofice from g-spotlight smash the windows  open then use a shotgun or a coltpython aim it at a old guy who is wering a jacket with different colored elbow bits then make him back up the press o and he will go flying out the window make sure the windows have been smashed


post back wen u hav done it

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I do this alot only I sidekick thugs out the window, or have someone chase me as I endo through the glass. I rule that building...



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something similar i like to do is jump through that window with a passenger on the back, land in the middle of the building and have it so that you fall off... watch the ped calmly get up and jog off the edge of the building.


then i jump down and try to find the chalk outline he leaves... and then realise how bored i must have been...


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