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Who are your Favourite Side Characters from each series?

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III- I haven't played much of this so I'll say Joey or Luigi

VC- Rosenberg and Phil Cassidy

SA- Big Bear, Cesar and The Truth

LCS- haven't played it

VCS- Cassidy again and Diaz

IV- Jacob, Packie and Gerry

TLAD- Jim, Clay and Terry, Stubbs as well.


V- Lamar, Wade, Jimmy

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Femme Fatale

III: 8-Ball

VC: Ken Rosenberg

SA: Maccer

LCS: JD O'Toole

VCS: Phil Cassidy

IV: Brucie

TLaD: Jim

TBoGT: Gay Tony

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III: 8-Ball

VC: Big Mitch Baker and Phill Cassidy

San Andreas: Ryder

LCS: Donald Love

VCS: Cassidy again

IV: Gordon Sargent, Ray Boccino, Little Jacob, Roman Bellic, Packie McReary, and Michelle (IV has a lot of great characters)

TLAD: Terry Thorpe, Clay Simmons, Jim Fitzgerald, and Angus Martin

TBOGT: Gay Tony and Yusuf Amir

V: Lester Crest, Packie again, Chef, Gus Mota, and Taliana Martinez

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III: 8-Ball.

VC: Phil Bitch-Killer Cassidy.

San Andreas: Ryder nigga.

LCS: JD O'Toole - difficult to forget.

VCS: First class asshole Jerry Martinez.

IV: Playboy-X - Mr.Whitey is back.

TLAD: Terry.

CW: Wade Heston.

TBOGT: Yusuf - we gettin' arab money.


Edited by Still Madd

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Many names come to my mind.

To begin with.. I'd mention Mike Toreno and Catalina. I particularly enjoyed the missions Toreno gave to CJ, from flying school to stealing the military jet.

Toreno's character history is far more interesting than say, R* attempt of rehashing Mike through ULPC, as an undercover agent who disguised himself as a drug dealer and made connections with Big Smoke to sell drugs to him, and soon Cesar having heard of the deals informs CJ about Toreno meeting with Ryder which finally sets the stage for CJ meeting Toreno. CJ actually worked with him in SF not knowing about his true identity but was mainly focused on destroying the drug syndicate. So, his role is very well established and nicely put into perspective giving a slight twist to his character and giving a good change of pace by working for a government agent who also trains you, making a deal of your brother's release in exchange for his help, which I did not find unbelievable like others that did.


Catalina, still stands as my favorite female character in the series. I wished there was more fun to be had causing havoc and thrilling missions in the countryside with her as much as Mike's. There was so much scope, esp. enjoyed her phone calls..

Catalina: I know it's you, you stinking perro!

CJ: Look, just say what you gotta say. I ain't interested in these stupid games!

Catalina: Stupid games? This is my heart you play with!

CJ: What? Look, you... Damn! Gotta change my number!

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III = Donald Love & Salvatore Leone

Vice City = Kent Paul

San Andreas = Salvatore Leone

LCS = JD O Toole, Donald Love & Sal

VCS = Marty Jay


IV = Roman, Ray, Packie, Dimitri, Brucie,Vlad, Faustin,Gerry & Francis, U.L Paper, IV just had SO many brilliant characters, by far the best cast of characters in the series IMO.


Episodes From LC = Gay Tony, Bulgarin & Billy Grey


V = Devin Weston & Lester Crest

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Salvatore Leone, Mike Toreno, Catalina, Ken Rosenberg, Umberto Robina, not necessarily in that order, but it kinda rhymes. Edit: Sheeeet, I forgot, Kent Paul and 8Ball.

Edited by ChengizVlad09

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III- Salvatore, Toni, Maria, Asuka

Vc- Rosenberg, Lance, Phil

Sa- Sweet, Ryder, Big Smoke, Cesar

Lcs- Jd, Salvatore, Donald Love

Vcs- Lance, Bryan, Phil Cassidy

4- Packie, Jacob, Roman, Brucie, Liz torres, Gerry, Ray boccino

Tlad- Terry, Jim, Clay, Stubbs

Tbogt- Yusuf, Tony

5- Lamar, Wade, Jimmy, Chef

Edited by Crossbones

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IV: Packie, Brucie, Little Jacob, Phil Bell and Faustin

5, Lamar, Wade, Tracey, and Ron


@Crossbones, Ray Boccino? How come you liked him? He was a total douchebag, and reminds me of Devin Weston a bit. Greedy and think he knows things better than anyone else.

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Algonquin Assassin

GTA III: 8 Ball.


Vice City: Mitch Baker, Phil Cassidy, Umberto Robina.


San Andreas: Cesar, The Truth and Woozie.


GTA IV: Basically all of them. Greatest cast of side characters without a doubt.


GTA V: Lester.

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Am Shaegar

- Ryder is amazing. I hate him a lot, but that's the beauty of his character. Its a pity that Rockstar didn't give him more screen time.

- Big Smoke, same reasons as above.

- OG LOC, hilarious as hell.

- Toreno

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GTA III - Luigi, 8-Ball, Toni Cipriani, and Asuka Kasen.


GTA VC - Ken Rosenberg, Kent Paul, Sonny Forelli, Earnest Kelly, and Big Mitch Baker.


GTA SA - Sweet, Big Smoke, Caesar, The Truth, and Pulaski.


GTA LCS - Salvatore Leone.


GTA VCS - Lance Vance, Armando Mendez, and Louise.


GTA IV - Roman, Brucie, Faustin, Dimitri, Dwayne, Jon Gravelli, The McReary brothers, UL Paper Contact, Darko Brevic, and Phil Bell.


TLAD - Jim, Terry, Clay, Billy, and Angus.


TBOGT - Gay Tony. Yusuf Amir, and Rocco.


GTA V - Lamar, Lester, and Martin Madrazo (Before Trevor kidnapped his wife).

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VCS: Phil Cassidy, Umberto Robina, Louise


VC: Lance Vance (pre-betrayal), Rico, Ken Rosenberg, Kent Paul, Earnest Kelly


SA: Ryder, Cesar, Officer Hernandez, Toreno, The Truth, Woozie, Salvatore, Claude


LCS: Vincenzo


III: 8 Ball, Luigi, Joey, Asuka


IV: Little Jacob, Roman, Packie, Gerald, Phil Bell, Jon Gravelli, and probably lots more


TLAD: Jim, Terry & Clay, Angus, Malc


TBoGT: Henrique & Armando, Dessie, Yusuf


CTW: Wade Heston


V: Lamar

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