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Recommended Posts

Welcome to the British police RP clan. [bPRPC]

TEAMSPEAK: eu1.kingts3.com:3757
Recruitment: We are Hiring All Ranks NOT DC
London Met Police Role Play Clan

A very well built and organised GTA IV LMP Clan is Recruiting !

If you like a serious roleplaying clan then this clan is the one to join!

The staff are friendly and can help with you with mod support and in-game problems.
You get trained properly once you join the clan and can rank up from there on in.
The patrols are held at regular time intervals (GMT) and are always full with people.
In-game staff and other members help you through patrols with the radio talk, uniforms and Cars.

We have are own pack of cars and uniforms. We are open to car suggestions and any other improvements
on the Teamspeak and on the Facebook group.
So if you want to join go to the Recruitment section of the website and fill out an application today!

Please visit our website: www.metpolicerpc.webs.com

Ranks of London Met Police Clan

Deputy Commissioner
Assistant Commissioner
Chief Superintendent
Chief Inspector
Police Constable

Max Brookes
Clan creat
Edited by ReeceTodd123

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is ths still up

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I tried it and their website didn't work.


If you're still playing GTA IV, I found these chat channels on IRC Freenode: #GTA4 and #igrandtheftauto


I have a Freenode IRC account, so I have been visiting those channels since June 2017, and have been trying to get other GTA IV players on them, because Freenode IRC is an excellent chat network that is pretty secure.


I play GTA IV and GTA V on the PS3, and it would be nice to put together some kind of GTA IV crew.

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I'm really sorry. Someone had messaged me on the PS3 Network and gave me their gamertag and said they're getting a mic. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted their name from my friends' list, because I thought I was only deleting old friend requests that I had made, not friend requests that I had received. Anyway, if you are this person, then post a message here, and then try to message me again. I just hope that you're not permanently deleted from my list, which may prevent you from messaging me again.


This is kind of confusing, because I'm not even certain how the messaging system is related to friend requests, but let's give it a try. We might learn something, even if we can't get it to work.


Also, my skype name is FinrodFaithful.

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