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the boats in the water


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just north of the first big island ther is a sunken ship what is it thier 4.  what duz it do

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It doesnt do anything. It's just something to look at. It's funny because it's a ship of libertine lines, the same ships that are in the docks. That's all.

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liberty lines might be the name of one of the ships in GTA3 docks (not sure, but it would make sense).



There are several sibmerged object below the surface of the water in vice. lots of shipwrecks, rocks and a submarine due north of the eastern island.


a good way to get a better look at them is to borrow a ship

like a tropic and look at them throught the windows.


(the windows in the boats make the water dissappear and you can look at the submerged items without any distotion by the water surface)


A better way to get close is to fly underneath vice in a chopper. You can fly straight throught the objects under the water. (See a gamefaqs guide on how to do this)

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Theres a drowned man in the ocean too. Are there anythink else than the tanker and the dead guy in the ocean? If is what? :wtf:

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well, there the things I POSTED JUST ABOVE YOU. for one


And niekkari there are 2 dead men in the water.

one at the golf course and one just off your links view apartment in the water.

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