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The Snow Topic.


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4 hours ago, Big Molio said:

It is typically just here for the two days, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

No it's not, last few years, it has lasted 3 days

Edited by MillerTyme
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6 minutes ago, MillerTyme said:

No it's not, last few years, it was the 30th it started and lasted til the 2nd, little over 3 days


And looks like it will be the same this year too, as the snow is back on the 30th 😉

My mistake then. Which time zone are you in? I was on less than an hour ago in the UK and no snow.

Edited by Big Molio
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I could take it or leave it. If it snows again I'll play another couple of rally and street race playlists and run some air cargo missions with my snow camo jets and helis. If not I'll gladly continue heisting and playing race playlists with all the latest cars I'm into.

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Sandy shores is just desert, so nothing but sand and dead plants etc, but with snow it's so much more interesting and less "dead" area to spend time. With snow and winter light effects, the place gets more "haunting" in a way. Winter should come there more often.



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Yay Snow Is Back!!! Everybody enjoy every minute of it!!


Realized they did snow this time on red dead too instead of just Christmas songs in saloons, man... Got a lot of switching and exploring to do next few days!! And then will post my pics after event is done and pick my best ones! 


Time to hit the slopes on the mountain bike again lmao!


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7 hours ago, DarrenC1888 said:

I hope the snow stays for at least a few days. 

I think that it will be gone tomorrow (2nd Jan)


I am pretty sure that it is only around for two days either side of the New Year.

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The only thing I like from the snow is the handling. Cars are too glued to the road, although making it permanent is not the answer. R* need to up their game with the handling in VI.

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4 minutes ago, gtafan26 said:

If you don't restart the game, it will.

Will the snow disappear if you put the console on rest mode?

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I don't get the fascination with snow. Am I the only one that gets bothered by it because it doesn't fit the game atmosphere and feels so out of place and wrong?

I mean the last time is was recorded to have snowed in LA was 1962. Yes, 1962! And the reason for that? LA is a smog ridden, and that smog creates a blanket of warmth to which snow cannot survive.

My cars look like jizz stains, and people are at the beach in the snow wearing bikinis and swim trunks. ...But it's festive?

Edited by Yinepi
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