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El Dildo

The Grand Tour

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Anyone else finding Hammond annoying? The faces he makes and his over dramatic reactions to literally anything are ridiculous. He was always like this, but wow does it really stick out now for some reason.


And it looks like the lapboard has returned in Episode 2 with a new driver (thank god).

Edited by Noale

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This week's episode has been rather bland, to be honest. The second segment -that competition of employees of two different companies- was really boring.


Also, the jokes about Hammond's crash are getting old already. It seems like that will be the main running gag of this season.

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I just watched the two last episodes aired on January, had to wait because I was on vacation and far away from reliable internet sources.


I really liked the Lancia-Audi segment, even though as a Lancia fan I feel like the jokes about the rally team were a bit annoying. They made them look like a bunch of incompetent f*cks at times. And the second episode was even better, with great interviews. I often do not enjoy the Celebrity Face Off thingy, I specifically did not enjoy it on the earlier episode with the fighters. Croke, if you see this, I'm sorry, but I dislike fighting a lot. But having such great guests as Nick Mason and Steve Copeland -best drummer in history according to my dad- the thing changes. The segment with the old british cars and the Type R was cool but seeing Jeremy drilling the window of the priceless DB4 nearly made me cry. I know they surely replaced the window, but that felt just plain wrong.

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I'm still on the Jag episode.


I really wish they'd bring back the Reassembler with James May.

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