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We are a brand new crew to gta online. PS4 only eventually we might branch out to xbox one also. We are looking for at least semi active players (a.k.a playing at least three times a week) we will make some exceptions if you can't. It is open crew and anyone can join. We love to rng and host some free mode crew wars, but if you are a relaxed gta player then don't be worried! We love hosting car shows and drift/drag events! If you guys want to make some money then I have a few secrets we can let you in on when you join. Also if you guys are a fan of just making some friends and relaxing in some freemode well then come on over to our crew and join. Our crew like I said before is PS4 only. We host crew lobbies every day at any time depending the day. If you are just looking for another crew to join but you aren't so sure about staying well then come and try it out! What's the worst that can happen? My PSN is VividRenzo. All you have to do is message me saying you are looking to join and that's it you're done! We are just trying to grow as a clan and become a big community. So come and join ModernMint now! Hope I see you all there! First crew lobby starts in about an hour so if you wanna get in today then hurry up and join! Stay minty!

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Stop spamming. You already posted this in the wrong place once and I've moved it to the correct place here---> http://gtaforums.com/topic/874288-come-join-this-chill-ps4-crew-no-rules-except-play-with-each-other/

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