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Half of the ingame map missing


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Hey there recently I started modding my GTA 5 but nothing more than couple of add-on cars and a few scripts , I did everthing as the instructions said but when i started the game half of the map was missing mainly roads mountains and water... I think it may have something to do with the vehshare.ytd located in the x64w folder coz one of the add-on cars required a couple of changes there...i did everything suggested thats similar to my problem + i tried to verify game file via steam still no results. Please help fix this problem i want to play the game so bad :(

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You have most likely installed a car that has trouble with tuning -> Try it yourself, get into your modded cars, and try to apply EACH tuning item, it's likely you'll see some bug at some point which is called a memory leak, leading to what you are experiencing.

To avoid this, go to GTA5mods.com downloading the "unmodified traffic" vehiclemodelsets.meta file.

The guy did remove ALL the tuning the game could try to apply to vanilla-name cars (meaning that if you replaced a vanilla car by an other one to which you gave the same name, this file is for you :) )


You can also get into this problem when forcing the game to continuously spawn modded models in too great number.

For example, two days ago I modded my Dispatch.Meta file, by adding a lot of police cars into ONE dispatch group, leading to the game spawning ALL of the models while in pursuit with cops at a certain wanted level.

This has provoked exactly the same thing you show in your screenshot.


You could also run into this problem when installing too much 4K textures (unconfirmed)


So, quick answer -> there is NO absolute answer to your question, it all comes down to what YOU installed, and HOW you did it... sorry dude :/

You have to try everything you installed, one by one, until you find what's going on, unless YOU DEFINITELY KNOW it is the last thing you did modify which causes this.


Edit: You could also download my carPack, and try it to see if you got the same behaviour, because if so, it means your problem does not come from a car, because I'm using a modified vehiclemodelsets (I took the one from GTA5mods as a basis to do my add-on carPack)

See this thread, with the download link: http://gtaforums.com/topic/873661-has-anyone-been-able-to-replace-100-of-the-traffic-using-add-ons-spawns-without-crash/

Edited by sebkulu
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Memory issue. Turning down the settings or reducing the amount of mods you have should help. How much VRAM does your GPU have?

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So, no news from the guy?


managed to find and replace some broken files and so far everything is okay

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Ok and? What was it?

It would be nice if you sharing your solution, as it could help others, ESPECIALLY on this particular problem of textures disappearing... which cannot be solved with only one solution.

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