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Vigilante side missions

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Does anyone have any tips for these? I can't seem to get past level 4 without getting busted or having my vehicle destroyed, and I can never find another one within the subsequent 30 second time limit.

Edited by DanielH
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Hunter only available AFTER the Story. I like to do Vigilante Level 15, all in one go of course, and in the beginning within a Starter Save. Since I did the Starter Save and had to fly back to the Army Base to save the game, I picked up the Laser Scope Sniper Rifle that spawns on top of the Police Station on the East Island every time I flew back, thus getting a decent amount of ammo. I used it to get off my VCPD Wintergreen and just fire many quick shots at the Vehicle which usually destroyed it and from a distance. I used an SMG on the earlier levels and from a distance fired forward since you can on Bikes, unlike in Cars with only using drive-by. If my Tires went flat, I knew where to find another VCPD Wintergreen at either the Police Station on the West Island or parked in Downtown.


Now, if this were VC, I would recommend the Hunter for Vigilante Level 12 in the beginning since you can get one from doing 100 Hidden Packages early, but in VCS, you're only given some Weapons for the 99 Red Balloons.


Before I did a Starter Save, I couldn't actually manage using the Hunter to pass Level 15 in one go since the FBI would annihilate me from the ground if I got too close to the ground. I used a Tank instead and even that was smoking by the time I got to Level 15. Too many roadblocks from crazy FBI.

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Tank is the best way of doing Vigilante Missions if you ask me. Collecting all balloons isn't possible at the start without tricks. But if you manage to get hold of a Tank, it's relatively easy. Also, grabbing a cop car with good SMG Ammo does a good trick for me. You could just use driveby to shoot the criminals. That's how I used to play for the starts. The fact that the Cop Car can easily be rammed or get damaged makes it difficult to reach a Higher Level without any issues. But if you manage to swap your vehicles timely, it's much easier.

Edited by Reverse Flash
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I just beat the story and used the Hunter for them IIRC. It's the easiest way.

Ok, thanks, only I've never been up to task of beating the story so I could be struggling with that.


I get the feeling that I don't know this game anything like as well as you guys, and probably never will. How the hell did you guys get to be so good at it? Seriously??

Edited by DanielH
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Collecting all balloons isn't possible at the start without tricks

That's false, as all you have to do is go to the exposed pipe by the airport (the one with the police bribe hovering over it) and jump to the end of the pipe-sometimes it works first time, sometimes it takes a few tries, but it WILL teleport you to leaf links which is the east island and you can collect the balloons and weapons and the police heli from the very start of the game.


On-topic-Since your progress is saved at every 5 levels, do up to level 5, then quit the mission by pressing R3 and then restart and it will pick up at level 6 again and this will make it like level 1 difficulty. then at level 10 repeat the same thing and it will start you at level 11. Also, using the VCPD Wintergreen makes this A LOT easier since you can shoot in front of you on bikes. Easiest way to do this mission at the beginning of the game. :)

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That is a "trick," though. Some people apparently think "tricks" ruin their game and if they do it, the Save is done for...


But yeah, you can reach 49.20% in VCS right after "Soldier." It's called a Starter Save. I don't use that Method to get to the East Island, though. I use the Yankee Method where you drive it near Diaz' Mansion on Starfish Island and then jump on top of it and use it as "steps" to jump over an invisible barrier on the side of the bridge and then run on foot across the bridge until I am on the East Island. Then just use a Police Maverick to fly back to the Army Barracks and save the game. On top of the Police Station where you get the Police Maverick is a Lazer Scope Sniper and I already said I use that for Vigilante Level 15, all in one go, with a VCPD Wintergreen, in the beginning of the game, after Soldier. Easy stuff, really...


By doing Level 5, stopping, doing another Level 5, stopping, etc, etc is adding too many Mission Attempts, something I try to have as low as possible, so Level 1 to 15 HAS TO BE DONE all in one go and same goes for all the other R3 Missions in all the 3D Era GTA's...

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Nah, fortunately there is many people playing the games and sharing their info and also Videos...These things have been known for years and I always research and find all the information I am looking for before I start a game. Makes things much more enjoyable and not as tedious that I want to pull out my hair. Furthermore, I did countless playthroughs of the 3D Era so it is all pretty easy and natural for me these days...

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