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Wishful thinking! Michell's house.


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Ok, I assume ppl have a hornyness for PB's pad. Personally I would pick for NB's safehouse, Michelle's place. I don't know why they didn't implement it.

Fireplace, Private, just perfect.


Your thoughts?

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I would never like it. The furniture is too new. I like stuff that's worn in.

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Michelle's apartment is okay for my own personal taste but I don't really see Niko Bellic living in a place like that. I also didn't see him living in Middle Park or in Northwood because they both are a little bit too modern for him.

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Meh, I wouldn't like it to be honest. For one, there could be hidden cameras and wire taps all over the place. :D

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Correct me if I'm wrong but this is Grand Theft Auto, right?

Just saying her home which probably wasn't could have been given to him after blow your cover.

So it's modern, and? He lives in LC & no longer in that far country! The bed in one side, fire place and the location is nice, yeah?


Oh, and PhilBellic..lol. You got jokes my dude. Off to place some Liberty City.

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Maybe that's where the ULPC/IAA Torture people in LC.

I thought they used some of the radio stations for that...**coughs**electroshochfromtbogt**coughs**

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Lemoyne outlaw

It's Okay, but i wanted Pegorino's house.

yea that would have been an awsome safehouse.

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