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What's your greatest accomplishment in life?


Recommended Posts

Algonquin Assassin

Being Awarded the 'Worst Bellic [All Time] Award.


Go me!

What a difference a week makes. Last week given the Worst Bellic award. This week played Russian Roulette with a ban hammer and lost.

GTA IV Signature V4 by Lettermaniac on DeviantArt

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Being able to do what I like for a living (sort of).


Also, being a BAFTA-nominated artist. Didn't win, but I just consider myself to be a Leonardo DiCaprio in that respect. My time will come ;)

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Becoming a qualified mechanic after 4 years of surviving on bullsh*t apprentice wages. By far my biggest achievement was bringing a little girl into the world, she's my universe and my absolute pride and joy.

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My greatest achievement in life was frying 2 eggs with NO CRACKED YOLK¡¡¿¿¿!?? :panic:

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I beat Max Payne 3 on Hardcore, that's an actual accomplishment, right guys? Right?

If you beat the NYM Hardcore mode, where if you die you start back at the very beginning of the game again, then yes.

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My biggest accomplishment so far is graduating from Engineering school and then getting the job that I wanted in the company that I desired in no time. Although I see it as my biggest accomplishment so far, I've recently become more money-driven than a pursuer of pure passions.

Edited by Jabalous
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  • 3 weeks later...

I am honestly both surprised and pretty proud on the fact that instead of gaining a few pounds in the past weeks after eating all that unhealthy stuff, i actually LOST a few pounds in the process, probably by just overall skipping on seconds and staying up really late and only having 2 full meals a day.

It is really surprising considering most of the things i ate contained loads of fat and sugar, and no, i am not joking :p

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Being a dad.



And beating Witcher 3 on Death March with level upscale on =P

Edited by xR4PTORx
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So far my personal greatest accomplishment is that i lost a lot of weight, went to the gym and got healthy and bulked up too. I used to be bullied a lot and got depression from it, but i made a decision to turn my life around. At that point, i just wanted to be able to like my own body and be healthy for myself and didn't care about what people said anymore. That's probably the hardest thing I've been through so far, so that's why it's my greatest accomplishment

Edited by Switch__
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since I don't have children and stuff, I have to chalk this one up to financial success.

greatest accomplishment thus far would probably be having bought my first place with my girl, becoming a homeowner, and buying [one of] my dream car before the age of 30. in fact we have 3 vehicles right now between us. people think we're rich I'm like no... we just don't have kids.


this is the car btw







Edited by El Diablo
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