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the motors

racers dream

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racers dream

so now there will be a motorcycle file and a car file,

will they have other formats of a dff or something.

so the motorcycle has something as dffm.

and a car has dff.

and how are you going to model them.

and what about the player,

how is his file

if this is the wrong forum please telle me where to go then.

and don't be mad



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its not the dff file that is the change, because the dff file and the txd files are only the models and textures. I think the motorcycles will be changed in the handeling file, and files like that. Just model the small, but the dummies will be diferent. but the models will be the same

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Hopefully when VC comes out on PC all these mysteries will be solved but until then we can only guess.

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racers dream

allright thanks for all,

and when theres some news about moddeling vc.

please post it to in this topic

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