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Yhdf's Workshop


Recommended Posts

Well done, guess who just met his old friend.




There's slight problem with tummi's arms, but other else is looking very good.







Edited by MKKJ
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Thanks NFX


*É fácil, junto o corpo de um com a cabeça de outro, junto partes de texturas de outros, troco cores, etc. e pronto, esse por exemplo só usei o andre.dff e o tommy msm.


(No more portuguese here kek)

Its easy, i blend some peds, and change textures, in this one i just used andre.dff and tommy

You're welcome.


Any further progress / release date on Tommy, bud? (Thanks for the nomination, by the way) :^:

Edited by NFX
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A plane crashed killing almost the whole team of chapecoense plus journalists, pilots, etc. 71 lost their lives, too sad so i wanted to show i care.

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Hi, Yhdf.


I quite like your Police Helicopter Pilots and LS Paramedic Skins. I hope to see further progress in this Department.



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What would be nice is Avery in SA Style. Maybe a custom chef too. Would fit nicely in Sin City because it uses the VC models.

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3ds max



Sometimes SketchUp

(Sometimes textures can change everything)


@NFX and Jinx

I will think about it :)

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R* did a poor job on SA's Claude, so i decided to put his original head from 10th anniversary edition on his SA body, along some texture improvements.


Avery and Claude released today!

Edited by Yhdf
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Niko Bellic SA Styled (remember that he isn't from 3D era, so his face can't be so detailed.


Edited by Yhdf
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Congratulations, you won the award for 'Best Workshop'!

As you may have noticed, another workshop has also won due to a tie.

Which means you will both get a medal.

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Gosh this is awesome!Thank you all who voted me for the best workshop, it means a lot guys, for real!

Not enough thank you to show how grateful I am. :colgate:

To celebrate here's a new weapon that will drop by soon, the paper knife!


Edited by Yhdf
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