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How Can I Get RP Fast?


Recommended Posts

-if you have a buzzard attack chopper or savage (savage works best), then the crystal clear our III playlist x16 on free-aim. maximize rp by playing with crew mates.

-if you have money do CEO work in an empty public room; have 4 warehouses (cheapest ones) buy 1 or 2 crates get 2200-2400rp when delivered, sell one crate while in that warehouse get 5100-5400rp when delivered, do a head hunter after crate sale, 2200rp when completed, rinse and repeat - no cool down.

Edited by V4S
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Have a yacht or a friend with a yacht.

- Place it at the secondary North Chumash location just next to the military base

- Start Piracy Prevention

- Now have either a Hydra or helicopter

- You need to circle close enough to the military base that you get a 4 star wanted level and lose it at in the yachts vicinity, the stars need to blink in order to get 400RP for it

- Just find the right fly path and you get 400RP every 5-7 seconds and up to 35k RP in 10 minutes.


Here is a video of me demonstrating it:



You can also land a Lazer on the land if you don't have a Hydra.

Optionally you can lag yourself out if you own a yacht yourself.


I'm planning to write a full tutorial on that :)

Edited by Cratoz
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Well I'm somewhere in the mid-90's now and I just played Kill Quota earlier today. It ended up lasting 5 rounds of about 5 minutes each. My RP went up by about 40-45%. We didn't win, we only won the first 2 rounds, I think it was set to 3 rounds, which it turns out is how many may have to be won rather than total rounds. So I'd suggest starting games of these and making them last a long time while double RP/$ lasts.


I'm in no big rush for the minigun but for some reason I really want that free-aim RPG.

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Play the game and you'll level up. It's that simple.


But slightly faster ways to earn RP are to take advantage of x2 events, CEO work, MC Work, Heists, Higher Level Contact Missions, playing with crew members provides bonus RP and so does playing in Free Aim.

Edited by aaronBLUEeyes
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I appreciate all the great input. I do a lot of CEO work. I have 2 large warehouses currently and just go back and fourth between the 2.

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Yep it's all about the CEO work. Find an empty lobby, pick up one crate, sell one crate, repeat. This fastest way to rank without cheating apart from double RP stuff.

Edited by Big_Show
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