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LESA Gaming


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LESA Gaming @ LibertyESA.com is accepting applications for First Responders!

Civilians never have to submit an application (it is optional) and are always welcome to join our server or TeamSpeak at any time.

This post is specific to our game play in GTA V, FiveReborn servers. Our community plays a number of other games with a police simulation focus.

The San Andreas Department of Public Safety is comprised of every local, county, and state level public safety agency that work to enhance the quality of San Andreas' citizens, visitors, and business through public awarness, education, training, emergency response, disaster preparedness, prevention, enorcement, and response. The mission of this department is to provide the highest level of safety, security, and service by creating a uniform set of standards, structure, and expectations.

Protect life and property -

together we make San Andreas a great place to live, work, and travel

Enhance public trust -

we hold ourselves to the highest standard to ensure the community we serve can count on us to be there when they need us

Foster care and concern -

we work as part of the community to foster good character, integrity, knowledge, and loyalty to each other to make San Andreas better and stronger every day.

In the Los Santos and Blaine County areas, the Department operates the San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP), the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department (LSSD), the Los Santos Police Department (LSPD), and the Los Santos County Fire Department (LSFD). The SAHP provides uniform traffic law enforcement throughout the entire Los Santos area with a specific focus on assuring the safe, convenient, and efficient transportation of people and goods on highway systems. The LSSD conducts full service safety and security operations throughout the Los Santos and Blaine County areas with a primary dedication to the cities, towns, and villages within Los Santos and Blaine Counties that are outside of the limits of the City of Los Santos. The LSPD is the largest law enforcement agency within the Department of Public Safety and ensures the well being of the citizens and visitors of the City of Los Santos. The LSFD offers the entire Los Santos and Blaine Counties area rapid response for fire, rescue, and medical emergencies.

To join our games as a fire figher or law enforcement officer, you must become a first response member of our community. Civilians are welcome to apply to get all of the benefits of membership, but it is not required to join our server. To apply, please go to www.LibertyESA.com and click the recruitment tab at the top of the page. Applications are usually approved within 48 hours of applying. There is no training requirement to join, no probationary period, and all who meet the entry requirements are welcome!

Members of LESA Gaming who play GTA V are welcome to join us in game as a law enforcement officer or firefighter/paramedic. Once in game, you are welcome to chose which agency within the Department of Public Safety you wish to serve with during that particular tour of duty. During certain patrols, your beat area may be limited, but for the most part, you are permitted to exercise the full jurisdiction of the agency you choose to RP as.

Links to our Rockstar crew and steam group: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/l_e_s_a_


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