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MC Patches Request


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Hope again for the help of Rejeckted or even Mr. Mac ...

Basicly we want some improvements of this:


Changes should be that the rockers becomes red without outlines and the letters in white (by the same font). For the Centerpatch we want this:


Changes on it would be to put a red outline around the skull to make it better seable and a line number in red on the round cover on the lower half of the engine, like this one here:


As well as that the MC-patch can be much closer to the bottomrocker.

We also need a Prospect variant of it, just a bottomrocker with "PROSPECT" in it and the MC-patch ... as well as a Property variant of it who consiter out of a toprocker with "PROPERTY" in it, a bottomrocker with "ROAD MACHINE" in it as well as a smaler patch in the middle with "OF" in it (here the MC-patch can be used as basic).

In this case, greetings

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Your English isn't the best


I know, i know, dont use it very often ^^'''


So, i try it ^^ ... can you extend the toprocker by the Fullpatch-variant to the sides, that he almost use the whole whide of the 512 pixel, without making it higher? That the rocker finish approximately at the same distance like the MC-patch? So that also the letters becomes a bit bigger in it? By the red outlines i meaned just around the skull inside the engine (by extending the black background over the skull that he has still the same distance all around).


By the Property-variant i meaned the "OF"-patch in a central position, instead of the engine. And there you may coud try the same with the bottomrocker, that he almost use the whole whide of the 512 pixel, without making it higher (to get the letters a bit bigger)


Thx and greetings

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