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Real Life NY Businesses in GTA III


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Not graff related this time, "tattoo & body piercing" store AKA Village Smoke Shop located at 317 6th Ave, Manhattan, NY.


Ingame (I'm using LC map in VC engine)




The store in 2002, banner has changed but the tattoo sign and cigar/atm neon remains the same.




And how it looks nowadays.



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This building in Chinatown didn't obscure the address like other textures so it was easy to find the real location - "Hair Toto Group" 189 Centre Street, NY. Storefront has changed and I can't find a time period correct image of it, but clearly the same place.





Funnily enough, this is a few stores up from where @Himeros figured out the Thunco Trading storefront was located :D



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The LCPD station in Portland (and by extension, SSV) is directly based off, and takes textures from 18th Precinct (Midtown North) NY - this can be confirmed by the door textures being the same, containing the number 306 and having the same emblem above the door. Other similarities are the American flag, window and wall textures. 306 West 54th St. New York, NY 10019.





"tag_gaz7" located in multiple txd files but pictured at the basketball court by Chinatown. Piece painted by Kaves, unsure of year.







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"scumdarkb256128" from "chinaedge.txd" pictured in game at Chinatown. Real location is the rear of the Steve Madden store in New York. 76-78 Crosby Street.




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