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Can we remove PM limitations?

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Many times new members come and make comments and there are times I would prefer to talk to them privately about it but can not due so due to the PM limitations.


In fact just recently a friend of mine joined and we wanted to chat privately but could not do so until he made 10?(not sure of this is the exact number needed) useless posts.


Is there any particular reason for this?

All I can think of is , it is to stop people from joining just to harass members. But in all honesty if they made an account just to harass someone there is nothing stopping them from spamming 10 useless posts so he can use the PM feature.

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Who is the friend of yours who joined? I'll move him into the Members group manually so that he can use the PM function. :)


The PM function is disabled for newly registered members because we were experiencing a bout of PM spammers/flamers a while back. Sure, it doesn't stop them from making the required number of posts to use the PM function, but it does slow them down and does act as a deterrent.

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My friend has since made the number of posts that allowed him to use the PM feature, but that is just one instance I used as an example.

Though there have been many other times I would have liked to speak privately with new members but have been unable to.

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The threshold is there as a spam-dissuasion mechanism. If you wish to contact a member, simply wait for them to make the few posts necessary to automatically get moved, or if you "can't" wait, request them be moved as Matty already said.


It's only a very slight inconvenience that can be remedied individually with a single report.

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Ok sounds fair enough. Thanks for quick responses fellas ;oD

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