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3ds Max to Gta IV help needed!


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Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I am having an issue with exporting my model properly. I am using GIMS IV to export the .odr object from 3ds max 2016. The problem is that when I view the model in OpenIV after its been exported, the position of the model defaults to the center. For example, If I had two boxes in 3ds max in different locations, when I export, both boxes default to the center in the model viewer of OpenIV. I looked everywhere, and I cant seem to figure out whats going wrong. Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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Its almost like the model coordinate data doesn't export with it, so every bit of geometry you make will come out piled on top of each other when viewed in OpenIV. Does anybody have any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?

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I found the solution for anyone else with this problem. You have to make sure that the pivot of all objects in your 3ds max scene are at the center (0,0,0)

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  • 2 weeks later...

hope it's better to post here than open a new topic..
I downloaded 3d model of shoes in ".max" file. they have shape and 3 images - texture, normal and spec (named Shoes_c.tga, Shoes_n.tga and Shoes_s.tga).
now I want to convert them to .odr using 3ds max and gimsIV. sure, I need to scale it, then move and rotate a bit, but that's not the problem. the problem is when I export them to .odr using gimsIV I get an error: Can't find the "dev_model" parent dummy!

can anyone give me a brief tutorial about exporting, if that's even possible at all..

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That's an easy fix. While you have GIMS IV open, select your object, and under "tools" click heiarachy manager. And under the file name towards the bottom, give it a name and you should be good to go. Just to be sure, you can open up your schematic view, and from there you'll see the "dev_model" node. I hope this helps!

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