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The Empire of Terra Nova is recruiting (Roleplay)


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My name is Victor Draco and I am the Imperator of the Empire of Terra Nova. The sole aim of the empire to pave the road to the new world that we will make within the state of San Andreas. However, this aim cannot be fulfilled without the help of willing volunteers to aid the development of this empire.

As Imperator, I will make the final decisions of specific creations within the empire in order to best serve the society we maintain. Due to my inactivity, I will need a number of command positions filled before proper creation and operation of this empire can be carried out to the correct standard.

As of now, I am searching for the Imperial High Council and the Parliament which contain critical roles needed in the empire's operation.

The High Council consists of the governors for the State of San Andreas and lower level governors for the counties of Blaine and Los Santos. These are crucial in the administration of the empire in that they are the individuals that can command the empire under my discretion.

A secondary role within the High Council is the leadership of the Imperial State Community; the civilian population of Terra Nova.

The Parliament houses the remaining Department Directors, that of Justice, Defence and the Praetorian Guard. The deviation from this is that of the Praetorian Guard which is a private division of the Defence Personnel. The latter are led by a Secretary and Under-Secretary.

The Department of Imperial Justice maintain law enforcement and administration of the Empire. This includes the Imperial Police Force and the Court.

The Department of Defence maintains the military strength of the Empire in order to protect it citizens. Additionally, the military will monitor the weapons industry possessing a copy of the records of firearms owners as well as being in control of weapon storage and transport.

The Praetorian Guard is a private division of the Imperial Military, protecting the Government officials of the Empire. The Captain and Lieutenant of this division are members of the Imperial Parliament.

The empire will establish a new economy in San Andreas, revisiting the prices of vehicles, properties and business venues within the state to ensure complete satisfaction of the community. This will also include administration such as setting the wages of all professions available.

My points of contact are as follows;

Xbox Live : Redheaded2

GroupMe (for off-console communications) : RedheadedTwo



Social Club Link :




Edited by RedheadedTwo
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