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3D Radar Blips


Recommended Posts

This CLEO script shows Radar blips out of minimap including mission icons and blips in 3D world.

This allows you to disable minimap completely without constantly looking at Map menu.


EDIT: I know Xinerki already made one, but it lacks normal blips and he seems inactive, so i make what i could with CLEO.


You can toogle blip mode by pressing B. The mode follows these order:
No Blips > Normal Blips > Mission Location Blips > All Blips


  • Change button to toogle blip mode
  • Show/Hide blip distance indicator
  • Show blip distance at right of blip instead of below blip*
  • Enable/Disable Mission location blips**
  • Enable/Disable All blips**

*Homage to Xinerki's, if you want to use this mod together with his - or if you just like it

**Disabling this will left icon textures unloaded and skip the blip mode


To use custom icons, extract icons from "hud.txd" and replace icons in "3dblips.txd" with MagicTXD or TXD Workshop.
All icon names are same as icons from "hud.txd" without "radar_"





3D Radar Icons HQ Remastered by AquaVentusXI. Radar Icons by -Quantum- (Topic)


Edited by MKKJ
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Yes, it's similiar to Xinerki's 3D Blip. But this one is a CLEO script, and shows normal mission blips in missions too.

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he seems inactive



Wrong, I just have nothing to do on it anymore (I did do a few experiments but gave up).

  • KEKW 1
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I've done even more impressive stuff but haven't released them (cuz of laziness and cuz the mods are really small) ;)


Could make a Workshop with all fun mods I've done.

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Good luck with that. I've thought of workshop too but feeling little anxious seeing it full of modelers.

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10th Anniversary edition of SA got better icons imo (works great with 3DBlips/3DRadarBlips even!)

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  • 5 months later...

Please, can u add a limit distance for load blips? It will increase fps for craPCs like mine :)!

When you leave LS. And visits other cities loads new icons, and at the same time continues to load the icons of L.S, which decreases the FPS.

Sorry for the language, thanks translate google, jejej.

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Icons already have distance limit of 300m or 1000m, which would have disappear if you go to another city.

But yes, this mod does drop fps. Even in my pc as well, so i can't help if it's due to crappy pc like mine.


Also just in case, other script mod (cs/asi) can cause lags if used together with this mod, like scrlog.asi.

It's the only mod i know that does this, so maybe there's other mod (if you use them) that does the same.

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  • 3 months later...

1st pic:

I assume you're showing the blips displayed from far away.

It's not a bug. Radar icons that related to missions are displayed farther than the others.


2nd pic:

Blips that's not supposed to visible on-screen showing at top-left corner.

It's bug from converting map coordinates to screen coordinates, although i don't know exact cause. I don't know how to fix this, unfortunately.


3rd pic:

Icons displayed in wrong height/Z position.

It's a mistake from R* themselves, they placed that radar icon way above actual location. Because on radar it doesn't matter.

Edited by MKKJ
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  • 4 years later...

Hi guys, who can tell why the distance to the mark in SAMP may not be displayed, and how to turn off the blips of players (well, the blue marks of peds as in the video)

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