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The Wishlist Thread!


Do you want more Jets?  

485 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you want more jets?

    • Yes just like the ones described in this post.
    • No it's to OP.
    • Yes but no exploding cannon on the besra.
    • Yes with an exploding cannon on the besra.
    • Yes but they should be more expensive.
    • Yes but they should be more expensive with an exploding cannon on the besra.
    • Yes but they should be more expensive without an exploding cannon on the besra.

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Popular Posts

First!   I really want a better draw distance. Being a sniper is a hard job....

A clean Voodoo.

Posted this on another thread but thought I would share here too!!   Anyway these are some things it think the game needs: - Move cars in garage - Different apartment colour scheme/interior - Neo

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Please do this Rockstar, please do this. This guy is smart. he knows what he is talking about. PLEASE DO THIS!!! ONLY EPIC STUFF HERE!


FYI: I really mean this :) No sarcasm :p



Sadly,I'm on Rockstar's never ever listen to list. I've hounded them since 2009. :/

Edited by P.C.M.
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Please do this Rockstar, please do this. This guy is smart. he knows what he is talking about. PLEASE DO THIS!!! ONLY EPIC STUFF HERE!


FYI: I really mean this :) No sarcasm :p


Sadly,I'm on Rockstar's never ever listen to list. I've hounded them since 2009. :/


No one even replies to my post xD you at least get some likes and attention.


Did you sent this to R*?


You have some really good ideas though

Edited by ivarblaauw
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I just took a lot of the great requests from this thread and combined them with lists from other threads, with mine as well!


Rockstar EMAIL:

[email protected]


Please EMAIL ROCKSTAR this list below!

Copy and Paste and I'm sure we will get their attention with so many of us emailing the same list.





Dearest, awesome, beautiful people of R*..
Please, oh PLEASE take a few moments to read this.

I’m sure you’re constantly flooded with emails, messages .. possibly even calls with requests and ridiculous amounts of “wish lists”..

This is what this is at it’s core, but I think this should stand out a tad more coming from so many of us.

On behalf of the tremendous amount of GTA online fiends, I type this wish list literally begging you to implement these relatively minor updates into GTA 5 Online.


1. The option to own multiple garages throughout LS. We can live with one actual apartment, but PLEASE allow us to purchase MORE garage spaces around the state to store more than 10 vehicles. (EDIT: COMING SOON. HOPEFULLY APR 22)


ALSO: 3 Motorcycles look like they can fit into 1 car slot. Allow us to have a little section of our garage dedicated for motorbikes. Similar to the bicycle rack area in the back of the garage!

2. MORE CUSTOMISATION for vehicles:

Please, PRETTY PLEASE add more options for customising our cars / bikes. I lust for more options under some kind of “Advanced Mode” that would feel and look similar to Forza’s Garage menu options, or even more like the dated (yet loved) Midnight Club customisation menus. I would say IMO the most enjoyable part of the game is the whole process of CUSTOMIZING CARS and BIKES. After reaching the higher levels we are left with literally NO MORE upgrades or modifications. We absolutely love hitting up LS Customs and tinkering with our cars to no end! Even further we love showing off our car’s stats and modifications to our friends!
I’m loving the appearance, layout / feel of the LS Customs section in the iFruit app. Maybe that can be put into the game? Ideally I would love to see something like Forza Horizon’s Dak's Garage.
More detailed mod options for Engine, Brakes, Springs & Dampers, Weight Reduction, Fuel System, Ignition, Cooling systems, Drivetrain, etc etc etc

3. Staying on the customisation.. we WANT to believe that different tire types affect handling, and/or speed.
We would love to have more of an understanding if we are just changing the RIMS or the actual TIRE COMPOUND.
Maybe separate menus for TIRE customisation (GRIP, drifting tires, etc) and RIMS.


MAKE A TUNING SYSTEM THAT WORKS AND MAKES SENSE (fully armored cars should be slower, speed upgrades should be available)


Also, Lowriders with hydraulics options. Being able to Chrome RIMS / WHEELS..


Also, vinyls and stickers on cars, create your own special vinyls, decals and stickers.

After all that lovliness we would love to have actual numbers representing our car’s STATS. (example: speed: 8.7, acceleration: 9.3, traction: 9.1, etc..)

4. Friendly, Meetup or "Hangout" spots / zones:


In the map we can find friendly "meeting spots" that are in passive mode automatically, for meetups .. to show off our rides. Possibly something like an empty parking lot that anyone online can just ride into and meet other players looking to show off their rides.

Could be 1 or 2 friendly zone spots in LS that any player can drive to.. to find new friends, show off, or launch impromptu races from that "meeting spot".

In these "meet n greet" meetup zones, we could be able to see / review any player's car stats by pressing down on the D-pad, like in our garages.


5. More clothing options:

We would like to have each clothing store sell their OWN exclusive items. Posenbys sells the high end clothing, accessories, etc.. Suburban carries it’s own urban clothes, Discount store for thrift items, etc. Right now it IS surely convenient to see ALL the same clothing options at every store, but like Story Mode, it feels more “genuine” driving over to a desired store for our desired “look”.

6. Plastic Surgery / Surgeon:

More in depth character customization. (I.E. Height, muscle, weight, facial features, etc)

Too many of our characters look the same! Literally, we have the same facial features unless we took our time to customise our character’s features in the BEGINNING! As we grow more attached to our character, we might regret this later and want to work on our character’s FACE again. Maybe Los Santos could have a “Plastic Surgeon” that we can drive over to.. bringing up the character appearance / heritage interface from the beginning.. where we can enhance our features to look more unique :)


7. One on One Races:

Instead of being in a player's vicinity or range and pulling up the select menu to prompt a one on one race (which I personally enjoy more).. having the option of "Random 1 on 1 Race" would be EXTREMELY FASTER to launch, and match!
You could be racing within seconds if we had this ONE on ONE Race or Deathmatch MATCHING with ANYONE. Instead of the awfully long WAIT times that can go on beyond several minutes as many people are joining, leaving, being invited.


8. Customizable apartments / Interiors:

Different apartment colour scheme/interiors. something like apartment creator (like any mission creator), we would be able to do anything we want with our apartments.


9. Hats / Ski Masks / Gloves / Tactical Military Gear:

To go along with the masks which we love, add unique criminal / military attire: ski-masks, balaclavas, gloves, headgear, maybe nightvision gear, etc. face masks (the kind that wrap around the nose/mouth). More tactical/military style gear, for those of us who like the military/mercenary look. gas masks, would go great with a flamethrower


10. Hunting Missions:

Certain rural spots can have missions where we hunt / snipe lions, pigs, chickens, rats, whatever..



MORE cars, more bikes, more car upgrades, parts, pieces, clothing. More property / garage space WE NEED more reasons to spend our money! Like mentioned before, after we have reached a high level, we are unable to mod our rides anymore. We're stuck with the last unlocked option on the menu. :(


12. Improved, Realistic Stealth and Toned Down Cops:

The suppressors actually do as advertised. If we cap someone with a silenced weapon making the kill in stealth, then it shouldn't alert the cops, atleast not until like 5 kills. Same with melee/unarmed attacks. We deck two people and already have 1 star. :/


13. Our Own music:

The option to play / stream our own music, maybe by uploading them into our iFruits.


14. Invite to Garage:

For those soley focused on inviting people to their garages (instead of their Apartments) we could have an "Invite to My Garage" option added in the Interaction Menu


15. More Weapons:

Bring Back weapons such as the Flamethrower, Molotovs, Chainsaw & Katana


16. Business Investments:

The Stock Market working online would have been awesome if bundled in with the Business Update! Allow us to earn $ using the Stock Market in-game site.


17. Return of the Pool Table.

Being able to play pool. Give us a better reason to invite others to our apartments: Addition of old mini-games (Pool etc)


18. Ability to design our own shirt / top designs.

Maybe something like a bunch of cool clipart or designs we can apply, change positions, change colors, etc, then stamp them on t-shirts.


19. Ability to change BODY weight. Gain or Lose weight.

The ability to buy food from hotdog stands, food vans, or restaurants. Able to eat/buy a larger variety of food.


20. Apply voices to our characters.


21. Restaurants:

Let us enter Cluckin Bells and Burger Shots. More interiors including nightclubs and restaurants.


22. Different window color tint options.


23. Better beards, or at least let us have a FULL LENGTH BEARD!


24. Open the Casino for in-game Poker, Black Jack or slot machines, etc.


25. Make more use of the countryside and ocean.

That's a lot of space that is mostly going to waste, I feel Rockstar could do something to make better use of the areas (for example hunting, fishing, diving, water deathmatches with harpoons)


26. More cars:

not just Supers or Sports, but regular everyday cars, maybe import some of the unused ones from GTA 4 just to give a larger variety.


27. Drug dealing, buying bulk drugs from a dealer and selling them on the street to NPCs/players. Trap Houses, etc.

Edited by shardzice
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They need to change the female running animation. It looks like they just got done taking dick...


Never in my life have I seen a girl run the way they do in this game. Lol

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Plastic Surgery

This is a must, I made a female character once and she looked like a Tijuana prostitute


Interesting, that is cool, I am making a female character in the summer and plastic surgery will do wonders. But for my guy. I would like to make him a little taller with some weight adjustments.

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TBoGT style DLC


-P9, AMP Automag, AA-12(Balanced)and the DSR-1

-Electro Choc, Vladivostok FM and K109 Studio like soundtracks.

-Black and White Letterman jacket

-The Bahama Mamas

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My wishlist for online is pretty short.


- Scuba Diving

I really would love to go exploring with my friends in the deep sea.


- Usable Burger Shot, Up-N-Atom, Cluckin' Bell, etc.

This has been a staple in GTA and really needs to be brought back. They gave us snacks in the liquor stores but it just doesn't feel the same. Why add Up-N-Atom into the game and not let us do anything with it? Just for the looks I guess.


- Animals

The countryside in the game feels pretty empty without them. Would be fun to go hunting online with your pals too.


- Casino

Really should have came with the game shipped. Disappointed that this wasn't ready to go when the game came.

Edited by KrushLTx10
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Detailed property ownership similar to Vice City where after completing missions or satisfying other requirements, you have to drive to the business's location to pick up that week's income, (cash, checks, and electronic payment documents) and then deliver it to the bank.


Your character could even potentially be hit for bags of cash en route to the bank, not unlike an armored truck, although WITHOUT a notification to all players that you have said money.


A limit of say one or two businesses per character assuming they would release several desirable ones, you would have to weigh their potential incomes and benefits. I could see discounted car upgrades, access to future Lester style abilities like Off the Radar, and other useful perks of ownership of a certain property.


These businesses must have ongoing obligations or the whole gameplay enhancing aspect will be gone. There is no longevity if players do ten minutes of work for a business and then get a simple deposit of money once a day or once a week. If they do add businesses it'd be nice to see some depth to it.

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All of the stuff they cut like the hunter, hydra, assault sniper, fire extinguisher and skimmer just to name a few. If you look at this post it has many other cool things that where cut that could have made gta 5 so much better. I would like the stuff they cut more than new DLCS




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-Lift kits and bigger tires


-Scuba gear


-Make the Duneloader 4wd

-Make the Ratloader sound like it actually has a V8

-Spawn boats on trailers online. I've been looking for about 2 weeks now.






Edited by XJpostman
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  • Add more club-style motorcycles (bring all bikes from TLAD is fine with me)
  • Have the choice to change your handlebars (ape hanger, drag bar, z bar, etc)
  • German motorcycle helmets with choice of design (stickers, paint job, etc)
  • Have the ability to not wear helmet
  • Leather vest with hierarchy and cuts (Just like Lost have)
  • More melee weapons (brass knuckles, shank, chain, etc)
  • Face bandannas
  • Clubhouse

Other than DLC, I would like to see:

  • Lift kit / bigger tires
  • Hydraulics
  • Full beard
  • More various of clothing style
  • Have the ability to turn on/off police mode
  • Smoke grenade

That's top of my mind. There's so many more but I can't think of more right now.

Edited by HA81 Mack
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I know we're full of weapons but

- AT4 or any US/Western rocket launcher that's guided

- A revolver, maybe a Raging Bull

- Katana or machete

- glock, c'mon it's a gta classic!



- Marussia B2

- Cheetah (roadsters/drop top)

- Hunter attack heli

- light APC


Bring animals to online and maybe add bears, and make boars hostile like in real life

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I've seen alot of top end mansions, it would be wicked to buy one. Plus it would be wicked to customise your place, maybe add a pool table instead of the dinner table cause it serves no purpose

Would love a trailer option so you could load your pedal bike in and take it to places at the top of the map instead of pedalling up there

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  • Many of the customization options mentioned prior including the some of the same hairstyles NPCs have and a few new ones.
  • NPC businesses - Restaurants and night clubs, food carts/trucks. Separate, style appropriate clothing stores,
  • Player owned businesses.
  • More cars that are not sports or supers
  • Return of the novelty vehicles: Kart, Vortex, Mr. Whoopee, clown van.
  • R/C vehicle weapons controlled via iFruit app.
  • Access to more helipads. There are many around town that have neither access to them or helos spawned there.
  • Use sniper rifle and RPG from helo side doors
  • Rappel/fast rope option with player controlled helos.
  • Helo machine guns that have independent movement and can be operated by the co-pilot leaving lock on missiles for the pilot.
  • Increase the speed of the co-pilot launched missiles.
  • Wildlife. Even just adding birds would make a huge difference towards changing the lifeless feel of online.
  • Anything in the ocean as there is nothing now. Set up oil rigs similar to those of Santa Barbara. They can be places to rob for heists or a blacksite Merryweather prison.
  • More freeroam jobs like armored trucks and HPV. A car transport truck filled with cars to sell and players to fight over. Sometimes it could have a high end car players can sell or store but this would be a rarity like a special crate drop.




Maybe these have been spawning in online all along but I only just saw a few yesterday outside SP for the first time.



Edited by JiNX77
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-change Pegasus mechanics, esp. for tanks (they cost more to call, and you pay an insurance fee if they are destroyed, and also you pay for all PVs you destroy)

-if you destroy a PV and don't have money you go into debt

-stealth is meaningful

-reduced load times

-custom music station

-bow and arrow and knife for stealth kills

-more complex missions/heists

-mechanic will deliver a different car when you are near your current PV

-rearrange cars in garage

-larger garages/multiple properties

-change characters appearance such as weight and height and facial features

-bring back Valentine's day DLC stuff for people who missed out

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My main wish is for more Rolls Royce cars to be added.


Including the Rolls Royce Jonckheere Coupe II to replace the Z-Type.




And the Rolls Royce Wraith


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I really wish Lester/Ron etc will stop calling me during freemode.. Like I don't know what they can do for me.

Let them call you for 10 levels or something, than you should know why you can call them.


Also more toned down police. Shooting a person for driving to fast is way out of the line..


Fix the freezes/errors etc were you have to restart your console or re-enter a lobby or mission every time again.

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Well, seeing as so my thread was locked, I guess I'm going to have to post my ideas here where no one will read them


I've spent the past 2 hours working on these heist ideas to send to Rockstar, and I wanted to get your Feedback on them. The brief's a little long, but I want it to be perfect. Any ideas or potential changes would be much appreciated


My Heist Ideas


Strictly for your aMAZEment.



Lester Brief: Well, we’ve been waiting for this one for a long time. Maze Bank. The tallest bank in the world, with the 2nd largest vault in San Andreas. And we’re gonna hit it. $50 million worth of gold and cold hard cash in that vault, all ours for the taking. Now we can’t just jump straight into robbing it all Mosin Nagnant attempting to steal a jet style, we have to set it up first. Now there’s two possible ways I see of doing this:



PLAN A: Rooftop Rumbles- Well the title speaks for itself. We hijack the foreign investor’s Frogger at LSIA and fly it to the Bank. We act real cool about this, suits and everything. Once we get to the vault part of the tour, is when we strike. We bust through the parking lot gates in a modified Phantom and hold off the cops. Once we load the gold and cash into the truck, we take off. Head to the Subway tunnels is where we set up the “smoke and mirrors” we go in, we stop in the under construction Station and unload. We have to be quick about this. We fully unload the gold and cash into the Utility trucks. The 2 Utility trucks escape while the driver takes the truck further down the tunnel and torches it. They then change into the firefighter gear we stashed in the truck and get the hell out of there.


Total take, $55 670 550 (Crew of 4)

Plan B: Two tickets to paradise- This plan is a little more risky. We have two gunmen sneak into Fort Zancudo under the cover of darkness. Then they steal a fighter each and fly to Los Santos, taking out the pursuing jets. They then make contact with Los Santos central Air traffic control, stating that they want peace, and will land at LSIA as long as no one comes near them, taking a Taxiing Capira Airways Jumbo jet hostage while they negotiate a deal. By now every cop in the city should be at the airport, and every eye in the city will be watching. This is the perfect time for a crew to parachute onto the roof of Maze Bank, and rappel down to floor 7, where they will enter, and go down the elevator shaft using the vault manager as a hostage. The team robs the place and puts the gold and cash into the armoured truck, and discreetly takes off, with the vault manager as hostage. They head underground and unload the gold into 2 vans, then choose to either kill the manager (resulting in no wanted level) or to let him go, (resulting in a 3 star wanted level). The fighter crew will then take off and “crash” into the Alamo Sea, where they then scuttle to a Suntrap, put on their fishermen disguises and act as if they just saw 2 Fighters crash into the ocean.

Total Take: $57 000 000 (Crew of 6)

Plan A setup:

· Scope the Bank

· Steal the Firefighter gear

· Steal a Phantom from clucking bell (Or buy one)

· Steal 2 Utility trucks from Mirror Park

· Acquire a Frogger

Plan B setup:

· Scope out the Bank

· Scope out Zancudo

· Acquire 2 Burrito Vans

· Flying skill of the 2 pilots must be at least 60-100



There’s a snake in that boot.



Lester’s Brief: Well, to be honest, LS is home to more rich kids than you’d imagine. What’s one thing that rich kids like? Fast cars. And what fast car is, surprisingly, the most popular in LS? The Truffade Adder, the 2nd fastest car in the world. Rich kids will pay anything to have one of those things. I found a stash of them, at a place called Eclipse towers. I have a friend who works at Legendary Motorsport, let’s call him K, who needs more of them, to fill out the recent orders. He’s prepared to pay good money for them and it should be an easy score.




An old associate of mine and I had plans to rob the Union Depository, plans that are all but gone. We discussed using a Cutter (a tunnel boring machine) to break into the vault. Same principle can be found here, we take the drill around back, and drive it through the rear wall. The plans show that this is the rear of the garage we want to hit. A one of a kind 11 car garage, filled to the brim with Adders, every colour of the rainbow. We cut through (doing this will destroy the centre of the rear wall and the Chrome Adder parked in front of it, oh well) get out, and load the cars onto the packers outside. The owner is said to be out, killing some people on a Cove for a rich Mexican guy, but his crew members come in and chase the packers in their Entity and their Turismo. The gunner takes care of the Entity with a Rocket Launcher, and the Turismo ends up crashing into a Dilletante, and the driver gets killed by the angry driver.

Total Take: $11 000 000


PLAN setup tasks:

· Steal a Cutter

· Steal/Buy a Rocket Launcher



The Shaniqua Project



Lester’s brief: There’s just something addictive about Robbing the military. It’s nearly as addictive as that new app on the iFapp store, Huggy Panda. But I heard of something big. Back in 1992 an unknown Grove Street Gangster, infiltrated the base and stole something called “The Black Project” Of course our great government tried to cover this up, but the evidence is there. Now, 21 years later a new project, dubbed “The Shaniqua Project” is said to be the new black, if you’ll pardon the pun. I believe that the Shaniqua project (let’s just call it TSP) is a new military aircraft, or possibly a personal transport system (jetpack). We’ve even got buyer interest already, those ruthless Aussies are willing to pay whatever to get their hands on whatever’s being built. It’s going to be heavily guarded, but I see 2 possible ways of doing this.



PLAN A: The Tower of Terror

The crew infiltrates the base, through 2 teams. One team consists of a hired pilot (NPC) who drops a tank (player) into the base to distract the authorities. Upon dropping the Tank, if the cheapest pilot was chosen (4% of the cut) then an officer will shoot out the tail rotor causing the Heli to crash into the Eastern Hangar, causing the pilot to die, and the tank to sustain medium damage, if the better pilot is chosen (8% of the cut) , then the rear tail rotor will be shot, and the cargobob will drop the Tank on the tarmac (no damage) then crash into Largo Zancudo swamps, and the pilot survives.

The other team parachutes in from an Adios Airlines Jumbo, landing on the control tower’s roof. They break through the window, take army man hostage and get in the elevator to go underground. Using army man as a human shield, they survive the guards shooting upon leaving the elevator in the research lab. They drop army man and take cover, Working their way through the lab, until reaching the underground hangar. The Shaniqua project is a state of the art stealth fighter. (Pictured below) the team takes the aircraft and escapes through the vertical hatch under Lago Zancudo Wetlands, pushing the crashed cargobob out of the mud and saving the pilot’s life. The team must fly the aircraft out to sea, where the stereotypically named HMAS Wallaby awaits.


Total Take: $40 000 000

4-6 Players


Plan B: The train and the tunnel

The crew hijacks a Barracks on its way to a mysterious tunnel, in the mount Chiliad State Wilderness. The team stages a motorhome and car crash directly in front of the tunnel entrance. The crew then hijacks the Barracks killing 5 out of the 6 guys and taking their uniforms. The last, most senior one is left alive to get them into the base. The crew gets dressed into the dead soldiers uniforms and drives to the mysterious doors located in the middle of the tunnel. They enter the metal doors as a convoy, carbine rifles in hand as they head toward Hangar Sh1-T. They are noticed by the guards and a major firefight begins. (a good 5 mins of survival). Then the team takes the Aircraft and escapes out of the hangar door, located next to the Altruist camp. The team must fly the aircraft out to sea, where the stereotypically named HMAS Wallaby awaits.

Total Take: $60 000 000

5 Players


Plan A setup:

· Acquire a Rhino Tank

· Acquire a Cargobob

· Scope the Base (light aircraft flyby)

Plan B setup:

· Acquire a Journey

· Acquire a Bison

· Acquire 5 Carbine Rifles

· Scope the Tunnel (overly interested tourists style)





Any ideas of your own or feeback on my ideas would be greatly appreciated. :)
Edited by EZza2647
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More things to do in apartments/mansions whatever.


One thing that I think is a necessity is a meal-system at home. You're outside, you've been through hell, and you need to recover your health? Stop by your place and cook up a meal. Brings your health up to its maximum and then you can continue doing whatever it was you were doing.


To make it even more social, you can cook up meals for your friends, too. That way if you bring a friend to your apartment and they need a health boost, you can provide it for them. I don't think different meals have to bring different benefits, the full health return should be enough, but a few options like pizza, burgers, salad, chicken, etc etc would be wonderful, just as a minor detail. It would be like drinking wine or taking a bong hit in that its something that doesn't take too long but in this case, has purpose.

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Be able to invest in businesses with interiors like nightclubs and restauraunts, and manage/sell them


Ability to sell unwanted weapons and ammo back to ammu-nation (maybe for 50% of cost)


Completley free-roam drug dealing, buying bulk drugs from a dealer and selling them on the street to NPCs/players


Freedom to steal expensive cars and sell them for money (i.e. Grand Theft Auto)


Be able to rob other player's businessess (lets call it, a heist)




Gambling at casino (roulette, poker, blackjack etc.)


Those who can't pay for other's insurance are charged regardless and go into debt (more than 50k in debt and you get dumped in BS)


Use Bolingbroke Penitentiary as a forced spawn point for all those in bad sports lobby


Low-levels can borrow money from Maze Bank in the form of loans and are charged interest daily (this would only be beneficial however if we could invest our money in something)


A property market so our properties go up and down in value each day and we can sell them


An actual economy, I.E. players can trade with each other

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WE WANT MORE SIDE ACTIVITIES SUCH AS HUNTING , ADD BASKETBALL , more urban clothing, more African American styled haircuts such as fades tapers designs or something , chrome wheel color, more baseball tees and more sports shoes , more long sport shorts ... lifting weights at the beach give your guy some muscless.. open burger shot get him fat or time. Add mansion and houses on gta online not these same ass boring apartments that all look the same . its dieing slowly!

Gta online needs MORE LIFE ....IM HERE TO VOICE MY OPINION ON BEHALF OF THE GTA COMMUNITY we want a more hood , a more urban street feel also we Adored gta San andreas! Since we're back in crazy awesome Los Santos we got what we want but you're mission a few things! ... through car customization we would love chrome rim color . I think its absurd (no offense) but to have a full chrome car paint but NOT have chrome rim color .... we Would also loveeeee to get face bandana like Franklin .. have different colors and also have the crew color option. WE want more backwards caps ... more weapon attachment more than camos .. red dot laser , stock, more extended clips as in drum rounds such as assault shotgun , ....More clothing like single players ... more styles rather than causal .. try throwing in DENIM jackets .. wool coats ... sagging pants ... more Jerseys ... better sports shoess like single player ....Dont only SUGAR COAT SAN ANDREAS WHAT HAPPEN TO THE RUTHLESS SIDE TOO .... MAYBE BE ABLE TO SMOKE WEED BLUNTS DOWN THE STREET RATHER THAN A PLAIN CIGARETTE ...more jewlery! BEST FOR LAST ADD THE BASKETBALL MINI GAME ONLINE !!!! ! WE'LL LOVE IT!




Here's a few opinion from fellow youtubers

Sincerely gta v community from yours truly! :)



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