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[SnP] A Home In The Hills [v1]



I usually don't have much problems with driving (at least compared to flying :lol: ) but I just can't get that **** Big Poppa at the end of the mission... Anyone can do it for me? http://gtasnp.com/fzVqAm


You can use any cheat you want if needed, thanks in advance !

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3 answers to this question

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For: alexgem

Missions: A Home In The Hills

Helper: j7n

Link: http://gtasnp.com/nPGIL7

Notes: Purchased a safe house in Palomino and parked a Phoenix in there, collected a minigun for security.


I've learned two things I didn't know about this mission. The radio including commercials plays inside the mansion, and Poppa actually drove rather calmly and is easy to follow. I suppose his speed might have been a glitch. If not then this is another case where the game tries to trick the player to drive too fast and make him fail.

Edited by j7n

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Many thanks j7n!! Yes, he doesn't speed away, I just never managed to handle decently the car we are given. A couple of times I tracked him for a good 5 minutes without being able to waste him only to capsize the car and lose him before I could acquire another ride...


Thanks again :lol:

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Paul Pogba

Alexgem, for next time right after the cutscene where Big Poppa gets in the car and drives away you can use a rocket launcher to blow him up by shooting under the road part (see a video for a better explanation)

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