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IYO What's the abilities of the GTA Protagonists? Excluding GTAV


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Not so sure if this kind of thread already existed or not, so I apologize in advance if there's already one.


We are excluding the V trio since Michael, Franklin, and Trevor already have special abilities in their game.


IMO I think:


Claude: Driving (similar to Franklin since Claude is apparently very good at Cars)


Tommy: Shooting (similar to Michael since...IDK, he seems like a gunman type).


CJ: Durability (similar to Trevor since San Andreas has countless crazy missions).


Toni: Shooting as well.


Victor: Shooting/Fighting Vic was an ex-Soldier, he learned how to fight and how to shoot guns properly.


Niko: Shooting/Fighting. (see Victor's)


Johnny: Riding. Yes Riding and not Driving since Johnny always riding Bikes for pretty much of his life.


Luis: Flying/Fighting. Luis is an official Helicopter Pilot and a former Cage Fighter, so I think that explains his abilities.

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Claude has the unique ability to not talk.

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sorry i just can't stand the special abilities in GTA V. they're just so gimmicky.

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Nothing, because back in the day protagonists didn't need cartoony superpowers to do their jobs.


This whole "special abilities" crap is just one of these things meant to enlarge the series' target audience.


Plus, what else they could add besides slow motion and invincibility without breaking the inmersion completely?

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Did you see the frightened ones? Did you hear the falling bombs? Did you ever wonder...


...why we had to run for shelter when the promise of a brave new world unfurled beneath a clear blue sky?
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Niko would have Bullet Time

Johnny, Franklin's ability only it's restricted to bikes as he doesn't like cars

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The Dedito Gae

Johnny K has Spider-Man powers on his butt, that's why he never dismounts of the bike sit.

Edited by Midnight Hitman
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Eugene H. Krabs

None. All of them are too good to be superhero wannabes.

Edited by Cluckin' Bell
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The protagonists don't need special abilities. Like Niobium said, they're too gimmicky and it doesn't fit the series.

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CJ has the ability to surive a train accident

And to jump off a very great height only to have a tiny bar of health left.

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Johnny - Better Driving with motorcycles and more damage with bike melee

Luis - Slowdown the time and do an special counter attack when fighting

Niko - Simple bullettime

Vic Vance - Making the accuracy better and increasing the strenght (More melee damage , faster swimming etc)

Tommy Vercetti - Max payne 3 shoot dodge maybe?
Toni - Bulletime again

Claude - Better handling (Franklins ability)

CJ - Something like trevor ability , but doesn't make him angry

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Claude has the unique ability of being able to keep his mouth shut. And Johnny has the worst ability of picking up fights. So yeah, staying mute gets you out of serious sh*t at times.


i5 10400F • MSI Z490-A PRO • XPG 16GB DDR4 3000MHz •

MSI RX 570 4GB • NZXT H510 • Cooler Master MWE 650 V2

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I personally prefer GTA protagonists being normal people,not X-men mutants,but still:

Claude-don't know what would be his special ability

Tommy-sprints at speeds higher than the traffic obeying the speed limit (over 50 km/h or 30 mph).Also could survive falling from the skyscraper rooftop.

CJ-can sprint forever (if you completed some sidemission that enables it).Also,if cheat codes were used,he could jump like 10 meters high, kill people with one punch, stay underwater forever...

Tony-don't know

Vic-don't know,but even if he wouldn't have any,his military training makes up for it.

Niko-same as with Vic

Johnny-great at riding motorcycles,but that's a result of a long experience,not a superpower-like special ability.

Luis-don't know

all of them-resurrect at the hospital after getting killed, don't react to pain when getting shot or after a traffic accident (crashing a car, falling off a motorcycle, getting run over...), know how to use any vehicle or weapon they find...

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Claude = The Ability to be the most interesting & devilishly handsome mute in the world.

Edited by JohnDonovan
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Obviously CJ is a metahuman, and the most powerful of all GTA protagonists I mean he's got exaggerated strength and agility, water breathing, the ability to control the time and weather, the ability to seamlessly transport himself between parallel dimensions(triggering riots, gangs control the streets,etc.) The ability to pull items from parallel dimensions(spawning guns,armor,money,vehicles,etc.)

Practical invincibility, and the ability to instantly become adept at any physical task. Actually now that I get to thinking about it maybe SA is a sneaky lil matrix game.

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