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Confused about shotaro


Go to solution Solved by Sky_Light12,

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I wanted to buy this bike, but i can't see it anywhere on legendarymotorsport or the other vehicle shop on gta browser, do i need to do something to unlock this thing ? i'm on ps4 btw

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  • Solution

you have to participate the deadline adversary mode first

either win or lose


this also includes for deadline outfit as well

Edited by Sky_Light12
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Do DEADLINE adversary mode to unlock Shotaro/outfits.


Now lock this thread please.

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Just have a friend boost it for you. Start the 2 player one and set it to one round, take turns winning if they don't have it already.

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I've surprisingly received quite a fair bit of messages on gta online about getting the bike.


I guess not many people keep themselves informed about gta online

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Lol, some people...

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Why don't they just read the fecking newswire post.

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There's the thing on the loading screens


Then there's the in game message


You could always message someone in freeroam when you see one and ask


Or come here not search and make a new thread

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You can get it for free, if you walk backwards around the base of Mount Chiliad in a clockwise direction 3 times while whistling in your headset!



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Easiest way to get the Shotaro is actually READ THE DAMN NEWSWIRE! R* clearly tells you how to unlock it, the outfits, and the special tee shirt, but apparently posting on the forum is easier? WFT people.
I've seen this question every 10 minutes in game for the last damn week. READ! JUST f*ckING READ!

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