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Young Justice


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Very recently, Warner Brothers announced that they've begun production on the third season of Young Justice.


If you don't know what the show is, or if it sounds stupid, it's fine.

Young Justice started out with the gimmick of "It's a sidekicks show!" Buy quickly became focused on less popular DC characters while maintaining the large scope of any given DC property.


It's amassed a huge following and is amongst the best superhero shows... No, amongst the best animated shows of all time.


Now, why was it cancelled in the first place? Simple. A decent percentage of the audience was female, and they weren't buying enough Young Justice products.


To put it simply... Young Justice was cancelled because the idiotic marketing department didn't wanna make anything other than Young Justice branded penis enlargers.


But hey, now it's back.




Also, I searched for a Young Justice thread but couldn't find one. Maybe the search function for this site is f*cked on mobile.

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Where is this going to air?

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Interesting.... so they are just making a show and hoping it gets picked up?

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Interesting.... so they are just making a show and hoping it gets picked up?

Well, you see, Young Justice already had it's first 2 seasons aired sometime in 2011-2012 on DC Nation. Unfortunately, some Cartoon Network clods cancelled it. Most people tend to blame Teen Titans Go, another Warner Brothers cartoon, which CN loves airing so much that they say it's "our new favorite show" despite everyone saying otherwise, but I digress. Warner Brothers are planning to make a third season, most likely not on CN, maybe on Adult Swim or Netflix, possibly the latter.

Edited by Ivan1997GTA
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Indeed, i watched both seasons. Just not very often do you hear about the release of a show with no network attached.

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Young Justice sounds like the title of a 1991 b-grade action movie, a gay porno, or a combination of both.

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