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[Xbox One] GTA V Roleplay (police vs. civilian)


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For information on all the police 10 code callouts, visit this website:



Cops: If you decide to be a police officer, you must have a custom-made police outfit that has visible body armor. Detectives, crime scene investigators, and police captains will wear suits.


Civilians: The civilians can wear any outfit of their choice. Any vehicle can be driven by the civilians (no supers or cars with maxed out engine upgrades).


Weapons: For police officers, weapons that will be allowed are the standard pistol, combat pistol, flashlight, m4 carbine rifle, pump shotgun, and nightstick. A police officer's weapon cannot have a suppressor. The flare gun will be used as a taser. For civilians, heavy weapons such as the minigun, rpg, homing launcher, proximity mines, grenade launcher, and light machine guns will be restricted.


When a civilian is in custody, you must put your hands up and get in the arresting officer's vehicle.

In order to make the roleplay a realistic experience, all police officers and civilians will follow the traffic laws.


General Rules:

-Must have a working mic (no Kinect)

-no squeakers or little kids (mature players only)

-Must have some type of roleplay experience

-Be able to speak and understand english

-no disrespectful people


Message thetoxictoilet for more details


First roleplay session will happen this evening at 8pm EST/5pm PST/12am UK. All roleplay sessions will be in a freemode invite-only session.



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still looking for roleplayers


message thetoxictoilet for details


the next session will hopefully be this afternoon at 1pm eastern/10am pacific/5pm uk

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