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Vehicles That Prostitutes Won't Enter


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If a car is too small or unusually shaped, prostitutes won't enter it.


Let's compile a list of cars in GTAO that will never need the seats cleaned...except for blood perhaps.

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You aren't slamming anything in your slam van, man.


There is no bumpo in the rumpo.


You ain't gonna eatta in the cheetah.

Edited by Smooth Longsack
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This thread just became "who can make the best vehicle sex related pun"


You should be more angered that the op stole your name.




Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Edited by MapRef41N93W
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No dirty Sanchez on...

Can't bang her on the clifhanger.

No brain on the train.

They won't sell um if you're in your velum.

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The Entity and the Turismo R can't pick up prostitutes either because the inside is too small lol



i regret selling those supercars ):

Edited by TaylorTheCreator
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my my

they refuse on Turismo R


oh at one point , at first they refuse to enter Tailgater until returning with same tailgater , it works


she won't bang me if i bring my armored kuruma even though its covers the windshield

Edited by Sky_Light12
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  • All Boats

All Planes

All Helicopters

All Trains

All Bikes

All Military Vehicles

All Emergency Vehicles

All Industrial/Commercial/Service/Utility vehicles (except Taxi and Sadler)

All vehicles with "Stunt Cage" modification equipped





JB 700

Coquette Classic

Brioso R/A



Duke O'Death



Lost Slamvan

BF Injection




Dubsta 6x6

Dune Buggy

Space Docker


Insurgent Pick-Up




Desert Raid

Sandking XL

Sandking SWB


Trophy Truck

Turreted Limo

Kuruma (Armored)


Franken Stange


Entity XF


Turismo R

X80 Proto



Gang Burrito






Rumpo Custom


Clown Van


Taco Van


Youga Classic

Edited by WildBrick142
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