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Patch help


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Can someone do the hells angels patch?




Like this one except get rid of the 13 and the 81 and change the bottom rocker to Vinewood? Also you can keep the 1 percenter diamond but it is possible to add Vinewood Original somewhere on it? Where ever you think it would look good. Or just VWO would work as well. Whatever is easier for you guys.

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Quick question I uploaded the emblem to gtaemblem and clicked high quality but when I was in game the image looked a little blurry compared to my crews other patch. Any ideas? Or is there a way to redo it all to make it more crisp? But everything is still exactly the same

Edited by ritchierich00
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Did you use second image or first one? Also could you post an ingame screen so that, maybe I can identify what might be the issue. I could remove the text details if need be.

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We used the second one but I got online and looked at in person this time because I was going by screenshots people were sending me and I did a side by side comparison and everything looked great to me. Awesome job bro greatly appreciated!!! I think there is one more thing we wanted to get done to it but I'm waiting on the final word from the crew. Would you be able to help us out one more time once I know what's going on?

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Great! You can always PM if you need something or post a request in this section. Not that you have broken any rules but make sure you abide by the rules while posting in this section in future as well if you decide to post here instead of PM. :^:

Edited by Rejeckted
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  • 5 years later...





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