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The Grim Bastards MC


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The Grim Bastards

Paleto Bay​

For those of you who no longer want to ride alone. For those of you who want be part of a brotherhood look no further. Based in Paleto Bay we aim to ride the highways with pride removing any MC that dares to oppose us. Lets grow quickly and together with our affiliates the Black Wolves MC we can rule San Andreas and truly ride free. We are looking for committed members who have what it takes to wear their colors proudly. Ride with your brothers. Die with your brothers.



  • Must have The Grim Bastards (GBMC) your active crew.
  • A mic is recommended but not mandatory.
  • First 9 official members will be considered originals and will receive full patches.
  • After the first nine players will required to be prospects for no longer than a week.
  • Must own a motorcycle. Any motorcycle is perfectly fine.
  • If you run into your brothers online then add them as a friend so that we all stay connected.
  • Making as much money as possible is the goal.
  • Black Wolves Paleto Bay (BWPB) are our ONLY allies unless another MC is specified. Do not kill them.
  • Do not let other MCs or players terrorize or grief your brothers. We always fight back.
  • If a leader needs assistance with selling, supplies, or missions then help them. The favor will always be returned.
  • Your life outside GTA V is more important just be as active as you can.
  • Most importantly we all want to have fun.

Our Allies tag is: BWPB

If you are interested please contact me at:​

Social Club: JoshHelaku


PSN: CptAstro

Social Club Link: Main Crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/_grim_basterds_mc_pb

Prospect Crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/grim_basterds_pros


Black Wolves Paleto Bay:



See all of you soon!




-this is a PS4 crew. If you want start a charter on Xbox or PC please contact me-

Edited by JoshHelaku
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Please don't double/triple post and only bump your topic once a week. Please Read The Rules.



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