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If real companies were to advertise in GTA


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First of all let's ignore any spoilsports who are gonna come in here, not bother to read the first post, and just say WELL GEEZ ROCKSTAR ISNT EVER GOING TO DO THAT.


Now let's get to the grit of the thread. I was thinking earlier about how crazy product placement and all that sh*t is, like how often you see it in movies and the occasional game. And then you're thinking, implying Rockstar would be the kind of company who would allow product placement in a game like GTA, who would the let advertise in their game, or what companies would want to advertise in GTA? Logically I don't think any car companies would want to considering that their licensed cars could be blown up, trashed, shot up, etc. so I don't think they'd be too keen on it. But clothing companies and GTA though could probably get along nicely. Like how The Sims had a bunch of tie-ins with fashion companies and sh*t. I don't see a partnership between Rockstar and Burberry or Puma too far pff, but that's just me.

What do you guys think would happen? Remember, this is all hypothetical.

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Basically any company that's willing to. Just slap their logo and slogan onto a billboard, poster or whatever in the game and done. It's only one texture.

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Hurr durr, Rockstar won't do that, you scrub. :D:p


OT: How do you feel they would integrate the Advertisements in the Game? An Auction on certain Billboards, maybe?

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My guess the only companies that could afford advertising in GTA that would also be interested in having their brands in such a game are those dealing with porn. Well there are some companies that try to have an edgy image but those are rather far and between and tend to be more niche.


Most large corporations are way too afraid about their family-friendly image. Why do you think Google and the likes are so jittery about contents of sites where they place ads? Because large advertisers don't want the association with anything even remotely controversial.


I mean you know what always happens when someone shoots up a school? FOX News pulls up screenshots from an "ultraviolent game" and if that screenshot had the character wearing a blood-soaked Nike T-shirt driving a BMW through a bunch of peds while drinking Coca Cola, those companies' shares might go down a percent or two.


Hell not so long ago car manufacturers didn't want to have their cars in games with damage models. You can have real cars in the likes of Midnight Club or Driver SF only because it's literally impossible to hit pedstrians and you can't get out of the car and start shooting.


(On the other hand how they managed to get real car brands in LA Noire is still a mystery to me since many of those brands still exist.)

Edited by RogerWho
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Gnocchi Flip Flops

Anybody here play Midnight Club: Los Angeles? They got way more creative than just slapping brands on billboards. There were Pizza Hut restaurants, Hollywood Video stores in strip malls, Best Buy stores, any brand that had a store/restaurant in real life that was advertised in the game had it's own store/restaurant. Yes it was advertising out the ass but it felt realistic and that's how it would be with GTA if they advertised for real companies. Not just billboards but actual stores.

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That would be pretty dumb and kinda immersion breaking. I don't want to drive around and every five metres I see some company and their product placement BS. I like seeing E-Cola and Sprunk and such items as they are.

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It wouldn't ruin the game completley for me, although I think GTA would lose some of it's charm and humor if they did go down that road. One of the things that I always look forward to before a release of any GTA game is the little things like what the shops are called, what is going to be made fun of on the radio etc. So if they did decide to use real advertisements in GTA that would get watered down somewhat if not all together, but would it put me of buying the new GTA game, not one bit.

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Well, it sounds kind of stupid, but pretty genius at the same time. If the same also applied to TV networks... what if Cartoon Network advertised Teen Titans Go on in-game bus stations?




That would make a great shooting range target replacement.

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