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(XB1)Steam Powered Furs is now Recruiting! Interested? Read on&#33


Recommended Posts

About Us

Hello and welcome to the Steam Powered Furs. The crew is just as it sounds:

we're lovers of all things steam powered and we're furs. After the disbandment of

our previous crews and taking a hiatus, we're back and ready to stay. We consider

SPFS to be family and treat it as such. This is a callout for the crew only. If interested

in our MC, the clubhouse, and it's activities, please contact Rycon over XBL or Discord.

Crew Rules

1. All members must be on the XB1

2. All members must be from the Furry/Neko/LGBT Communities

3. All communication is to be done over XBL or Discord

4. Rycon and Sage have the final say in all matters

5. If a member wishes to leave, please let Rycon or Sage know first

6. Be Mature, a team plater, and have fun


1. No money/level/housing/age requirements

2. you'll be joining an active, friendly, sarcastic crew

4. We're Co/Ed and LGBT friendly

5. We have the Grapeseed Clubhouse with a farm

Dress Code

There is none, also there currently is an official crew vehicle.


We've thought long and hard about how we were going to approach letting others

join us based on how players act in public servers. For this reason the crew's open

to anyone that's apart of the Furry, Neko, and LGBT community(think you have

what it takes to run with us and not in the above communities? Prove it.) The MC

that's in Grapeseed, it's missions and business ventures are open to anyone and

everyone that wishes to be part of it - and in case anyone's curious, we're voting

Green Party.

We're also open to merging your crew or MC with SPFS, but note that we will

not merge your crew with us unless you and your crew are part of the Furry, Neko

or LGBT Communities. MC mergers can be discussed over XBL or Discord.

Positions Available

All positions Lt down to Muscle are available

Think you have what it takes to be placed in something higher?

Let your actions & gameplay speak for themselves instead of your mouth.

Social Club Link

Social Club - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/steampoweredfurs

Contact: XBL: LoganJohnston

Contact: Discord: Rycon

Edited by logansryche
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Updated post to reflect what we're looking for in Crew and MC. MC has a farm in grapeseed now also.

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Updated post to better reflect what we're looking for and avoid any confusion. MC invite's are sent out whenever Sage or myself get on and crew invites are handled through Social Club.


Happy weekend everyone,


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Please don't keep bumping your topic, you are only allowed to bump once a week,


If you need to add new information, edit your existing post, don't double/triple post.


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Hello Tiger and yes you are correct, I've forgotten as I haven't posted here in awhile. I'll keep on top of that more.

Thanks, Ry

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