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"The time has come for you to prove yourself to the family. The shadows have surrounded you for many years and you now have the opportunity to join us. Make me proud..."


La Nostra Ombra


This crew is meant to be a powerful mafia roleplay-based organization. There are a few already but most are already packed full and really seem very unorganized outside the immediate family heads.

This crew will aim to reflect the real life mafia hiearchy by providing advancement opportunities through structured street crews. Once you join you will ascend from associate-> mademan-> caporegime -> underboss by proving your loyalty and skill, as well as being able to follow and execute orders.


The rules go as follow:

No made man will die without authorization from The Don, not in this family or any other.

Keep 1 formal outfit saved to quickly change to.

Dress formally when meeting with made men, especially your superiors.

Show all peers and superiors the utmost respect.

Follow all orders from your superiors.

Made men must keep this crew as their active crew.

Omerta! Keep our secrets OUR secrets!



○PS4 and PS3 ONLY

○You should be mature enough not to be offended by cussing, drugs, violence, sex, as well as mature enough not to be overtly annoying and unbearable.

○No creeps, we welcome women and any teens mature enough to join and no body should have to worry about harassment within a crew.

○Any level/any location

○SPEAK ENGLISH this is for the sake of effective communication.

○Play regularly (atleast 5 hours a week)

○MIC NOT REQUIRED but it will definitely help advancement.

○MUST know how to use the PSN messager and in-game text/call function.


Anyone may join as an associate, but to become a made man you will need to catch the eye of your bosses. Just offer your services as often as possible, even just hanging around a made man can help you earn the favor of the family, and can get you that much closer to becoming made yourself. Follow any orders given by your superiors and work as many jobs as you can with them and you are guaranteed to make an impression. If you help the family make a lot of money you will be made in no time.


As a made man you are the real face of the organization. Its your job to make the family powerful and help us to stand out. Organize associates and keep track of who is continuously putting in work and making a name for themselves. Use your influence over associates to prove to your Capo that you have what it takes to be real street boss material. Before becoming a made man you will be asked to complete a hit and then there will be a ceremony baptizing you into the family.


A Caporegime (or Capo for short) is the captain of a group of made men. Only truly devote and influential made men reach this position of high respect. Caporegimes enjoy a lot of power within the family and in return face the responsibility of making sure every made man and associate under him is following rules and obeying orders as well as reporting to the UnderBoss(s) and Don any candidates to become Caporegime in the future.


Not for nothing but very few made men will ever see themselves become a true Capo di Capi, but if you do then consider yourself a king in this land. The UnderBoss is a position only surpassed by The Don and on occassion Consigliere. The UnderBoss handles all aspects beneath him and reports such matters to The Don. He also represents in self as a majority voice for the family when advising and as a head representative to other organizations. If The Don should choose to retire then an UnderBoss would generally be considered next in line to the title, and would assume a sort of secondary Don-ship if The Don were incarcerated or incapacitated. In the event that there are more than 1 UnderBoss than the longer standing of 2 would become Don or if there are 3 or more than they should vote.



The current in standing Don is Dirugie and he will remain The Don for the foresee able future. With that being said, La Nostra Ombra can be passed to any successor chosen by the Don at his time of retirement, or is passed onto The Underboss if he dies before choosing or the Consigliere if an assassination is made.



If an associate, made man, capo, or even underboss is placed on the HitList then they are considered vulnerable to execution, meaning they can be killed by another member and then eliminated from the crew, essentially becoming dead to us. This will only happen if a member is breaking rules or stops playing regularly. There are specific circumstances that can take some one off the HitList but generally it is set in stone once they are put on it. If you get put on the HitList then a message will be sent to you when you are put on it and then another when you have been executed.


We have many different claims of location all over San Andreas and Blaine County, and this crews visual media is just beginning to develop. Soon we hope to have artists for logos, modders for payouts, and bloggers for social media outlets. Remember now that this is only the beginning of our growth, and our ultimate goal is to enhance the GTA Online individual gameplay through mafia based role play, so while we probably won't be large for some time the principle is rooted in each player and our smaller subgroups within the crew anyway. If you are into driving around killing aimlessly with stickybombs and ruining a fair gunfight with an rpg then this is NOT the crew for you. If you are okay with more relaxed and realistic gameplay and interacting with members within the family then this very well may be the crew for you.


Want to join? 1st consider this:

What is your specialty?

-ex "I'm really good at driving, so I'll say my specialty is driver."

What is your past? (crew history)

-ex "I was in Los Santos Drifters, so I'll put that that."

What is your goal in joining us?

-ex "I want to be a get away driver in the mob."


so now...


☆Join La Nostra Ombra and set us as your active crew on Social Club.

☆Add Dirugie via PSN

☆Send a message with OMERTA as the title and include your answers to the questions: What is your specialty? What is your past? What is your goal in joining us?


and now you are an associate, to help the chances of you becoming a made man contact any members online or send a message to Dirugie.



For a limited time the first twenty members to join and play actively within the crew will be considered for special immediate advancement into made man and caporegime positions.PS4 PLAYERS NEEDED.

Edited by Dirugie
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You are only allowed to bump once a week,


If you need to add new information, edit your existing post, don't bump


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