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Are there any ways to get a private public lobby?


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Feels like rockstar have patched private lobbies as i could join private ones last week but now i keep joining almost full lobbies making it impossible to do biker missions.Any ways to get in private ones?

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Myself, I just enter and leave lobbies until , I am alone. It takes for me around 8 or 9 tries, but I get a empty lobby or a empty lobby for like 30 minutes before 1 or 3 people join. I play on a wireless connection just to make a note.

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join the crew pceo, a crew that is about leaving people alone

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If you are on PS4 you can change your network settings and set the MTU down to 900 or lower... but the easiest way is press the ps button go to settings, date and time and manually set the month up one month... go back to gta online, most the time it will glitch you out for a few seconds, then you will start moving again and the lobby will empty out, then simply go back to settings and set the date back to the correct date... You will have an empty lobby ... people may still join and it will not affect performance or streaming etc. Although eventually Rockstar may start adding people into your lobby again...

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After a player came out of nowhere it had to be far away and whacked me during store robbery (should have left motion bomb out there like I do for cops) I respawned on rocks on beach outside no way climb up. I put bounty on him and aunched parachute job and presto in lobby all by my lonesome. So happy! About 5 minutes later the message from Lester that guy dealt with. Spent next few hours enjoying my mc biz in peace until finally had turn in at 2am.


This happened again after store robbery, launch of parachute job and race off playlist on way to sell car. All ; totaled $22k after car sale. Then did mc biz in low pop lobby - one other person, alone for long time, then another guy briefly. Setting to free aim may help if that is true your sent to free aim lobbies which the little griefer shxxz don't like.

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