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Filthy Animals MC


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Introducing to the entire GTA Forums recruitment board.......

Ranchos' Finest....

The Filthy Animals!!!!




Are you tired of the same old MCs? They preach brotherhood and a authentic MC experience, but do not deliver either? Are you tired of waiting on the sidelines waiting for an opportunity as your club is only a return fire club? Well boy do we have a club for you!


The Filthy Animals is a brand new club trying to get their foothold in the MC community and trying to revolutionize it! We boast a wide variety of individuals who have a concept for a true MC club and are set out to see it all the way through. Recruitment is open, but act now as we are only selecting 2-3 prospects to properly train them up and set out in Los Santos leaving a trail of tears and blood. Prospect period will last a minimum of (2) weeks and up to (4). If you decide you want in but a tad late, do not freight because we will allow you to hang around the (2) weeks the current class is going through training and that will count towards your prospect time! Still not convinced or maybe on a fence? Well let me clear some stuff up for you!


  • First and foremost, we are a shoot first club! Grant it we are smart about who we shoot at, we ain't scared to initiate a little blood splatter.
  • Secondly, as shown up top we are a strict 1% club, we do not tolerate anything less than that. I know what you're saying, I saw so-and-so with a whatchamacallit and that is clearly not 1%, all I can say is you didn't see sh*t, and f your couch.
  • Third we are a mature, 17+ club. If you're 16 but maturity is at a higher level we will consider you, but we tend to shy away from immature little kids who don't understand that you can kill and mess stuff up in a classy organized way.
  • We require you to have a microphone and participate in either our club Kik chat or XBox Live mobile companion. We need to be in communication with you one way or another.
  • Most importantly we are only on XBox One currently. Depending on the climate and whatnot would we venture into other avenues of GTA5? Perhaps, but as it stands the Original Rancho is on Xbox.
  • Enjoy high stake deathmatches and races? For real US currency? We are currently organizing a league that will provide such events!

A little more information about said club, we have a combination of 5 years of various MC experience and we currently have our site up as of today! Please go to http://www.filthyanimalsmc.com to check out ya boys and marvel at one of our very own members handiwork. We do everything in house, the patches we have and the banners were created in house as we do not out source. We have ideas of rapid expansion if the times rights, so don't feel like you are stuck in neutral with us. As of right now all our members are made in USA, and our current time zones are Eastern and Central. As you can tell by our colors we are proud Americans, but as long as the moon lines up correctly do not let that deter you from joining us, we are willing to accept any who want to ride with the bulldog as long as you can be active with the majority. Have a question? Please do not hesitate to check with the President (gamertag Loki580), the Vice President (gamertag LD3structionL), or our Enforcer (gamertag BoneSoup29). From there we can answer any questions or concerns you may have about your potential MC experience. Also, if you would like to join right up, go ahead and visit the website and Apply now and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible!

Edited by FilthyAnimalsMc
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Just incase you guys didn't see this... bump


Update!!!! We currently have (2) prospects in our ranks, if you hurry up and join we can assign you a sponser and you will be apart of the first Prospect Class and get your patch in (2) weeks.

Edited by Loki580
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1se batch of prospects established but we gonna need more. Hang around now and prospect later and get your patch quick fast and in a hurry.

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FAMC BoneSoup

Glad to have joined this MC, great group of brothers that is going places in the MC community. My advice is to join and get in now cause we're organized, deadly, and down right filthy.

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Oh, my fault. Thought it was 24 hours


Screw it, everybody else bumps their stuff, why not us

If you see an early bump, report it and it will be dealt with.


Edited by ~Tiger~
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FAMC BoneSoup

Congratulations to our first patched prospect Commend Mee! We are open for more prospects to join the ranks, just let us know if youre interested!

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Congratulations to our first patched prospect Commend Mee! We are open for more prospects to join the ranks, just let us know if youre interested!

Congrats to Commend Mee who recently became our Treasurer whose job is to get patched members money by any means necessary. So if you need money he's the guy you see as he doesn't need it himself.


Also, If you are signing up please contact myself, Loki580 by either XBox One, that's my gamertag or Kik by XB1Loki580 so we can get the ball rolling on you joining. We've had (2) people try and join our ranks but we haven't spoken to either and we can't really start without a quick conversation. So it's extremely important you talk to us first. We are currently working on getting (1) prospect and maybe a hangaround so we will be open to (1) maybe (2) prospect for our next class. Get it while the gettin is good!

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