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Missions, Heists, MC Work, CEO/VIP?



127 members have voted

  1. 1. What do prefer, and do most of?

Recommended Posts

Heist,Daily objectives,Dubsta2 Farming,Missions, Game testing,MC.Helping others rank up and get paid legit

Find our group on PS4 Community called: "Daily Objective Faithful $500000"


Find our group on PS4 Community called: "Dubsta2 Commodity Group of L.S.C."



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i voted heists but i also love survival modes.

and the occasional bounty hunting.

Edited by hugh750
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I chose MC, its the less tedious one and right now all i have todo is just sell, sell and sell. Its like an ATM where i can withdraw money all the time :)


Does anyone have more then 20 million made on the floor in the CEO office?

Yeah i have made around 62 Mio alone with Warehouses, why you ask ?


Or are you asking if above 20 mio still money gets added to the floor ? If so, no it doesnt.

Edited by DaLexy
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Richard Power Colt

I'm doing biker stuff now mostly, because it's not as work intensive as other money making methods. Also been doing a bit of CEO stuff.

Edited by Richard Power Colt
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Everything revolves around my drug businesses. I get online, sell some dope then while I wait for supply to build I do crates, freemode events, races and sometimes contact missions. :cool:

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Yeah I gotta say, much to my surprise, the Coke and Meth labs have become the centre of my business empire. I've always dug the corporate aesthetic and I still spend most of my time in CEO mode, but the Biker Biz is a better earner for me. I don't feel like I need to be chaining crate runs and/or VIP work now, I still do a fair bit of both but knowing that no matter what I get up to, I still have a steady, respectable payout waiting out in the county is nice when I'm in the mood to just horse around or do some Free Roam brawling.

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CEO and MC are genuine GTA Experiences, more things should happen in free roam.


Otherwise I do enjoy races and survivals.

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