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Gunners MC Paleto Bay - Realism club for XB1


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Gunners MC is looking for players intrested in Realism style gameplay.


We are a small and close knit family of bikers, who appreciate friendly players looking to make the game fun and realistic at the same time.


Our club is growing and we are currently looking for European Players to grow our European chapter. If you are intrested in joining our club as a member check out our homepage for more information.


Check out our Website: Http://www.gunnersmc.wixsite.com/gunnersmc




Contact me by Kik: jjjeikk




Here is a link to our Prospect crew:



Club President:


Edited by GunnersMC
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  • 2 weeks later...

If you are looking for an active club and a family to be a part of, Gunners MC is the place for you, prospect now!

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Gunners MC:

Gunners MC is a small but friendly MC,

we are mature but can have a laugh, we are toward realism more then roleplay but do roleplay as well

if this sound like a club for you, then visit our website or contact the president.


-see you on the road!!!



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Gunners MC is looking for new members for our European chapter.


Contact us and start prospecting now!



Edited by GunnersMC
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Just So Stoned

We are also looking to open a NA chapter so any North American players please message me on XB1 my GT: Just So Stoned feel free to message me anytime.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hit me up on Xbox if you can





I'd like to join. If you guys are on Xbox One.

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Yeah we are on XB1! Check out our website and send me a message with your required info (age, timezone etc.)

GT: jjjeikk KIK: jjjeikk

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